Top 10 Restriction Free BYOD Business VoIP Providers

If you own a SMB, obtaining VoIP service can help your business save phone costs and offer better service to customers. Bring your own device (BYOD) services can help if you need to choose your own device or already have a VoIP device.

Devices must use SIP protocol, but you can bring any device that is SIP-enabled, not just devices from a pre-defined list.

With VoIP:

  • Lower your business phone bills
  • Have fewer restrictions
  • BYOD providers let you pick a favorite device rather than limit yourself to the devices on a list.

Why are there so few BYOD VoIP providers available?

For VoIP providers, this can be a risky service to offer, so few service providers advertise these services. It is also a better deal for many customers, so you can save money with this type of service. No more unnecessary, costly upgrades. You can switch to these services and bring your own device.

Remember, BYOD May Mean No Tech Support for Your Device

Keep in mind, though, that if you choose to get your own device you may not receive help from the company to set it up on the service. Many BYOD companies do not offer assistance with setup because there are so many devices on the market and it would be cost prohibitive for their businesses to offer help with every available type of VoIP device on the market. It is impossible for technicians to be familiar enough with every SIP device in the marketplace, so you may be on your own with setup. As you shop around for a BYOD provider, be sure to ask what support is offered for your device and how you should plan to resolve any issues that may occur while using their service.

Technical support for your device may not be provided, either, so you may need to provide your own support service by researching solutions to your technical problems online. Knowledgebases, information provided by device manufacturers and other online information are all resources you may need to use, independently of official technical support. If you have a manual that came with your device, it is worthwhile to keep it if you plan to use your device with a new VoIP service.

In no particular order, here are ten BYOD Business VoIP providers who allow you to bring SIP protocol devices without restrictions:

  1. Nextiva
  2. BroadVoice
  3. CallCentric
  4. Jive Communications
  5. Phonebooth
  6. RingCentral
  7. Vonage Business Solutions
  8. OnSIP
  9. VoIPVoIP
  10. Vitelity

1. Nextiva

This provider offers a variety of plans with different features, numbers of lines and other functionality. With a platform that focuses on reliability and customer service, Nextiva strives to keep your VoIP service going with high-quality assistance and dependable service. They also allow you to BYOD that uses SIP protocol.

2. CallCentric

With separate plans allowing users to call out and receive calls, bringing your own device is handled separately, but any SIP protocol device is supported. Use a softphone or adapter instead, and if it supports SIP it will work with CallCentric service.

3. Jive Communications

Jive Communications offers a lot of great features and has a BYOD VoIP service. Jive focuses on offering inexpensive hosted contact centers, which is a great option for many small businesses. They also offer service and help when you need it, like most great VoIP providers.

4. BroadVoice

This service provides support, allows you to bring any SIP protocol device and features an Unlimited Business Plan. You can choose your new phone number from 3,800 different rate centers, making it easier to find a phone number in your area or near a place you want to do business.

5. Phonebooth

With a web portal, you can quickly change phone system settings. They also offer an affordable hosted system that still packs a lot of features. They even let you bring your own SIP device.

6. RingCentral

Offers lots of different plans and pricing along with online service and support. RingCentral is a BYOD VoIP provider catering to businesses. You can manage your system from a smartphone or tablet, too, making this provider’s services that much friendlier to use. If you depend on your mobile devices for a lot of things already, you could add controlling your phone system to that list and sign up with RingCentral.

7. Vonage Business Solutions

Get customizable service, great support and a wide range of options. You can bring a SIP device of your choosing. They have month-to-month contracts available and have a scalable service that can adapt as your business grows. Great for small businesses, but they also offer service to larger organizations, as well.

8. OnSIP

Designed for business, OnSIP features an app you can run on your computer or tablet that is a business-grade phone. Oh, and you can also bring your own SIP protocol device to use with their VoIP service. They offer other features and add-ons that can help you get business-building intel on customers who call you, help you generate reports and more.


With their Bundled Calling Card feature, you can make international calls without an internet connection. They also have BYOD VoIP service for when you do have internet, and you can get virtual local or international phone numbers.

10. Vitelity

Month-to-month, low-cost VoIP service with BYOD functionality. They do offer online information and support.

How to Choose the Best BYOD VoIP Provider

As you shop for VoIP providers, it can be confusing trying to find the best services. There is a lot of variety in the marketplace. There are a lot of different options, plans and vendors. You could easily waste a lot of your time looking around, if you were to consider each and every provider very carefully. That is why we are helping you do your homework. You do not have to research these vendors alone. Follow our tips to choose a provider that is right for you, and you may save yourself (and your business) time, money and effort.

Here are a few considerations to compare:

  1. Overall cost and any hidden costs
  2. Service and support available for your plan and BYOD device
  3. Features and scalability, for when your business grows
  4. Ease-of-use and reliability

Top Tips for Choosing the Best BYOD VoIP Provider

  1. Ask yourself, “Why do I need VoIP service?” Are you trying to cut phone costs? Looking for flexibility? Creating a data center? Once you know why, you can figure out which features are best for you.
  2. Make a list of “must have” VoIP features. Are you looking for the cheapest possible plan? A vendor who supports your specific device? Do you need US-based tech support? Do you need an easy-to-use app to manage your phone plan?
  3. Look for vendors who offer your must-haves. Cross off any vendors who are outside your price range, if price is a priority for you.
  4. Call the customer service team at your top vendors and ask any questions you have. Write down their answers. If you care about receiving tech support for your device, be sure to ask if they offer it.
  5. Compare your options and make your choice. If you want to try a service without making a commitment, make sure you have the option to leave. Month-to-month services are fantastic for businesses that want to try out a new vendor.

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