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What Is

A Virtual PBX?

A Virtual PBX, short for virtual private branch exchange, is a business telephone network that handles the routing and other features of both landline and VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) calls.

A Virtual PBX is much more cost effective for companies to use than a traditional PBX phone network. With a traditional PBX system, a company needs to invest in a large amount of equipment to handle call volume in a central location. It is an expensive undertaking with limited accessibility and features, and it is even more expensive to scale. It also has several weaknesses, among them the fact that if the equipment fails in its single location, the network goes down and calls can no longer be accepted or redirected.

The advantage of a Virtual PBX system for a business is that each virtually hosted PBX is remotely hosted by a provider that owns the equipment and data centers and then rents out its services for a monthly or annual fee, granting access over the internet or the Cloud. A Virtual PBX requires much less of an upfront investment from the businesses that hire its services, yet it can also accommodate many useful features beyond what a traditional PBX could deliver. A Virtual PBX can also store and draw data from multiple data center locations, giving it redundancy that can keep a network alive and operable if one data center experiences an outage.

How Does

A Virtual PBX Work?

A Virtual PBX is remotely hosted and delivered across the internet, meaning a business contracting one out does not have to invest in all of the equipment and hosting to run a PBX but rather can simply pay a service provider to supply access to one. Quality is not sacrificed by using a virtually hosted PBX; in fact, they can work just as well as a regular telephone network or on-location VoIP setup.

Companies that offer virtual PBX hosting services provide services to many businesses and organizations, and they generally have their data centers spread across various geographic locations to help prevent a service failure if something happens at one location; the security and reliability are an added bonus to a virtual PBX.

What Are Advantages

To Using A PBX?

Using a virtual PBX can have many advantages for a business.

Save money — As previously noted, going with a virtual PBX provider rather than building your own solution will save a lot of funds that would have gone toward purchasing, maintaining and updating an expensive telephone network.

Enjoy the latest and greatest — Companies that host a virtual PBX are competing with others in the industry for your business, meaning they will always be adding features, adopting the latest technology, and adjusting their prices to stay on top. Competition in the market will allow you to always find the best service and the best prices.

Keep up appearances — A virtual PBX allows your company to put its best foot forward, with fancy features giving each customer a more pleasant experience than they would have with a traditional phone network. Some of these premium features include local numbers, interactive voice responses, call waiting and call forwarding, automated greetings and more.

Work from any location — Rather than having someone man the same old phone at the office, or even put a team around desks in one call center, you can broaden your horizons and take calls outside the office with the power of a virtual PBX. Applications via the internet or a mobile phone make it so calls can be answered anywhere.

Simple setup — Virtual PBX companies are used to onboarding clients and getting them used to their new system. You’ll have plenty of help along the way, and assistance with making any adjustments to your virtual PBX as time goes on.
A perfect fit that grows with you — Most virtual PBX providers offer solutions for both small businesses and enterprise clients, with pricing models to match. No matter how much your business grows, you’re unlikely to have to switch PBX providers; instead, they can scale and offer additional features that work with you and any needs you develop as your organization expands.

Minimize downtime — Using a virtual PBX means your network may be hosted from multiple locations, and the redundancies ensure your call system can stay online even if one remote data center suffers an outage.

How To Choose

A Virtual PBX Provider?

With so many Virtual PBX system providers and VoIP service providers competing for your business, how can you choose which one is right for you and your business needs? We hope our side-by-side comparisons and Top 10 list above will provide some guidance, but if you’re still not sure which one to go with, consider the following when reviewing our research or conducting your own.

Overview to

Virtual PBX Providers

Nextiva leads the way with its Virtual PBX and VoIP services. Highlights include its intuitive interfaces, the Nextiva app, and failover redundancy technology. More than 150,000 companies use Nextiva.

FreedomVoice offers an enterprise phone system without the expense. Easy professional installation, unlimited domestic calling, and automatic updates are a few hallmarks of FreedomVoice. Manage it all with the FreedomVoice mobile app. is a great option for entrepreneurs and small businesses, offering flexible and cost-effective solutions. supports talk/HD voice, group messaging, conferencing, text messaging, call recording, fax and more.

EVoice lets you create your own virtual office and work from anywhere. EVoice minimizes overhead costs because it works with your existing desktop. After a quick setup, eVoice can help any business sound large and established.

TheRealPBX operates on the Cloud to connect employees and departments on any device, anytime, anywhere. Set up a call center within minutes, download a free softphone, and save up to 60% of traditional PBX bills.

Grasshopper helps small businesses run and appear like a larger company. Features include customizable phone numbers, automated greetings with professional voice talent, and convenient desktop and mobile apps.

Onebox has joined forces with eVoice to offer its virtual PBX services. Features include a premium local or toll-free number, call forwarding to send inbound phone calls wherever you need them, and a personalizable phone answering service.

VirtualPBX offers solutions for companies ranging in size from one to several thousand. Choose from three plans to select the number of minutes, phone numbers and VoIP devices desired to suit your communication needs.

RingCentral offers an all-inclusive phone system with online meetings, messaging and more. A simple process allows for new users to be added, and features vary for small businesses and enterprise companies.

GotoPhone offers quick and easy setup, a virtual receptionist to handle incoming calls, call forwarding to any mobile number or landline, unlimited extensions and more. GotoPhone runs on your existing hardware.

Virtual PBX Industry Resources

Tips & Guides

We have prepared some additional tips and guides to help you learn and understand more about the Virtual PBX and VoIP industry. This information is intended for you to use to help you choose the perfect PBX system and Voice Over Internet Protocol provider, as well as to help you decide how to best use cloud communications for your growing business needs.

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