Top Ten Business VoIP Features SMBs Will Want to Know About

Most SMBs are content with their landline phone systems and the benefits offered by their service providers, yet would they still be after using a quality VoIP service provider for a month? SMBs using the old saying: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, maybe impeding a needed upgrade. In order to clarify the benefits of VoIP, here are the top ten VoIP features SMBs want to know about:

1. All-inclusive calling plans w/ unlimited local and long-distance

This is a nice feature offered by VoIP service providers, helping SMBs simplify the phone bill to a single flat-rate fee. Workforce communications would be freed from the shackles of billable time constraints.

2. Voice data is cheaper to send over the Internet, so lower monthly fees

This means VoIP customers will not only get all these great features but also pay less for it than their landline system. Not a bad deal!

3. Voicemail transcriptions

How nice would it be to automatically get voicemail transcriptions made? For some businesses (media, investigators, lawyers) this is a serious game-changer, while for others it’s a great tool they’ll use often and save considerable time and effort with.

4. Auto-attendants

When a business has an auto-attendant, they’ve really arrived. Really though, think about the: time, money, and effort, that could be saved if calls were automatically directed to their appropriate departments. The helpful digital voice of the virtual receptionist will organize incoming calls throughout the day, streamlining workflow and efficiently helping clients.

5. HD Voice and Video Conferencing

Imagine the possibilities of expanding the workforce’s remote capabilities for management and projects, such as with video and voice conferencing tools. VoIP integrates all technologies, software, and systems together, for optimal organizational ability using conferencing tools.

6. Unified communications using cloud and mobile computing

SMBs can benefit from the increased accessibility and condensed unified communications when using cloud and mobile computing with their VoIP service. Workforce members will have access to VoIP phone systems from any device, anywhere there’s Internet service. The central interface dashboard is accessed by workforce team members, thus establishing unified communication methods and less confusion.

7. Dashboard analytics reporting for communication systems

Landline phone systems have limited reporting capabilities. VoIP, on the other hand, specializes in creating data-rich analytic reports, for managers to measure all angles of their phone and communication systems. CRM integration can further provide essential insights into customer behavior or workforce inefficiencies.

8. CRM interface integration

VoIP service providers can integrate their services into existing CRM systems. This feature will optimize metric reporting, sync workflow data, automate functions, and optimize organization.

9. 24/7 technical support

VoIP service providers are excellent when it comes to technical support, providing 24/7 support for their clients. This is a feature landline service providers likely won’t offer, and many VoIP service providers have help desks 100% based in the U.S.

10. Works with most IP phones

SMBs can keep their existing infrastructure and simply an add-on to it with a VoIP service provider. The main phone system can be VoIP and the landline can be the back-up, or completely VoIP.


These are helpful things to know when considering the switch; the nice part is SMBs can start out slowly by using a hybrid system. This would ensure they’ll have a back-up communications system, while their existing infrastructure is additionally used for a hosted, self-hosted, or virtual VoIP system – from a service provider specializing in each SMB’s unique phone system needs. Also, VoIP service providers offer money-back options, so the little risk is involved in simply trying it out.

SMBs should consider talking with VoIP service providers (like VoIP industry-leading Nextiva), in order to understand further what solutions and features are available for their specific business’s needs. The top ten features highlighted are great reasons for SMBs to further investigate VoIP systems, or simply trying out a proven and trusted VoIP service provider for themselves. If interested in learning more, please contact us today.

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