Using Business VOIP for an Ecological Initiative in Your Company

Going green has become a major goal for most conscientious companies, though sometimes they don’t live up to every promise. Customers appreciate companies that make a proven effort to use ecological practices through more than just recycling paper or products. It’s just as noticeable in the equipment used or more in what’s not used.

VoIP works toward this angle by providing green initiatives you probably didn’t expect. Most of this comes down to equipment since VoIP eliminates specific technologies that aren’t always friendly to the environment. Some of this gets worse through improper discarding processes and recycle methods.

However, you can prove your corporate social responsibility through other ways by choosing VoIP technology. Take a look at how green a business VoIP solution is, even if it’s just one part of a potential ecological initiative.

Removing Landline Phones from Your Office

How many times have you had to get rid of your old landline phones to make room for upgrades? Recycling is already a problem for equipment like this, though it’s possible to do with some effort. Yet, consider how much better the environment would become if we didn’t have to constantly recycle old phones.

This doesn’t include all the cable and wiring involved to get those phones installed or removed. Environmentalists note most wiring gets made with materials that don’t do green initiatives much good.

When you consider the time it takes to transport these items, it doesn’t help in your own carbon footprint if you’re saving on unnecessary traveling.

VoIP technology works through your existing Internet line, with mostly wireless technology. Using this already sends a message you’re eliminating as much environmentally unfriendly technology as possible.

Removing Cell Phones

While mobile devices can work in tandem with VoIP to create line extensions, relying completely on cell phones isn’t great for the environment either. CNet reported a couple of years ago that charging a cell phone spews out considerable greenhouse emissions, which is something most companies probably didn’t know.

Having this knowledge in mind gives you extra incentive toward relying more on VoIP technology. By using wireless headsets around the office, you eliminate relying too much on cell phones.

Now you can save your mobile devices for times when a VoIP extension benefits you. Employees can work from home or on the go and still receive inbound or outbound calls. That alone can bring a positive carbon footprint to your company with your employees saving gas and driving time.

Reducing the Need to Travel

Just eliminating the need for employees to visit your office is a major success in going green. It goes far beyond this, though, into the realms of meetings or business associates visiting in person.

Meetings are already a pain for everyone, especially if attendees have to travel long distances to get to your company. With VoIP teleconferencing features, no one has to visit you in person to attain perfect clarity in communication.

Either through voice conferencing or via video, advances in technology make it look like associates are right there with you. Voice clarity is sharp and clear, but the video quality is just as impressive. Many VoIP providers let you talk to dozens of people at once through video conferencing, which can mimic a full-size meeting.

For business associates, using this prevents them from having to travel, perhaps from another country. If every company used this technology, we’d ultimately be removing far more carbon emissions than we ever have in industrial history.

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