Using VoIP to Run a Business in Your Home

We’ve written extensively about the use of VoIP technology in the workplace, though never enough about how it can work in a residential home. Many self-employed people operate businesses out of their homes and make or take phone calls. If that fits your description lately, maybe you’re finding it difficult to keep your home business afloat sticking with what’s known as POTS.

As facetious as that acronym sounds, it’s standard for “Plain Old Telephone System.” It’s relying strictly on a phone company to manage all your landline phones. But this doesn’t include relying on a cell phone service as well.

You’re maybe used to working with landline phones, especially if you worked in an office two or more decades ago. Even then, far too many offices stick with landlines out of thought anything new would cost more.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) actually costs less than you think. This is just the start of how VoIP helps bring superior phone service to any home business.

Escaping Phone Companies

Maybe you’re not aware you can VoIP your entire house. Not long ago, Wall Street Journal showed over 38% of homes at the time had already switched to a VoIP service and eliminated landlines. In some cases, it had nothing to do with a business and simply wanting to get out from under the weight of phone company bills and excess fees.

For a home business, though, it’s a vital way to rake in more profits when other expenses are high. No doubt you’ve grown tired of making countless phone calls and getting sideswiped with fees. Your home business is possibly expanding to overseas markets, and it requires calling customers internationally.

Phone companies are relentless on sticking you with regulatory fees and making international rates high. While they may tout some savings, it still adds up if you make multiple calls in a day.

Plus, don’t forget about your cell phone carrier. While on the go, you have to keep up with customers. All the minutes you accrue on a cell phone start to add up and could even exceed your landline phone bill.

VoIP helps you escape all this. You can do unlimited calling for just a flat rate per month without any bulky phone equipment to maintain.

Using Your Existing Internet Line

One of the great things about VoIP is the setup is extremely fast. If you don’t want technicians taking over your home just to set up landline phones and other telecommunications equipment, VoIP is going to bring more uptime.

All you need is your existing Internet line to get VoIP service going the same day. Using cloud VoIP providers, all your call data gets stored internally for easy access anywhere you have Internet. Plus, using voicemail by email, you’ll get all your voice messages directly through your email server.

Despite having a business at home, you’ll likely have to travel at least part of the time, sometimes to make business deals.

Keeping Connected to Customers Through Extensions

Once you find a VoIP provider that works for you, you’ll want to see if they have extension features available for mobile devices. Despite getting rid of your cell phone service, don’t discard your smartphone. Many VoIP services let you install an app that lets you create extensions with your business number.

It means you can use your home business number and still take calls from customers on your mobile phone. Likewise, you can make outbound calls to customers without being swamped with fees.

Now you’ll maintain your home business without actually being at home. You’ll see why those trying to escape the office love VoIP so much so they can work at home or in the field.

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