Virtual PBX Buyers Guide

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a virtual PBX buyers guide to see exactly what the benefits are to getting it set up and fully integrated in your company. After years of using landline phones, it’s easy to still have some trepidation about new digital technology. Really, though, there isn’t anything to fear. We say this because many digital phone systems don’t even require any physical equipment.

If there’s anything that establishes the true backbone of virtual PBX, it’s giving you a phone system free of obstructive technology. This is already a major expense and a time-consuming process to set up, maintain, and upgrade.

Even if your employees are long used to holding a landline receiver while conducting business, having them learn about how easy virtual PBX is only helps them in their productivity.

So let’s take a look at what you and your employees need to know now before you commit to setting up a PBX system in your company. What you know now only helps you gain an understanding of the bright future your business has ahead using this new phone system.

Simple Setup

If you’re tired of dealing with tripping over endless cords around your office while setting up landline phones, you can finally get rid of this problem. Virtual PBX works internally in the cloud through a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider.

Setup only takes a day since it works directly through your existing Internet line. Most of all, it won’t require a technician coming in and taking up your precious time connecting wires and cords on every department floor.

Instead, you’ll enjoy using hand-free headsets for taking phone calls as an added option. Call information gets read on a computer in real-time so employees have customer data at their fingertips.

With easy setup like this, you don’t need to worry about downtime due to time-consuming installation. The learning curve is simple as well, despite virtual PBX features being numerous. All of them give you methods of enhancing telecommunications on a new level.

The Benefits After Setup

If you’ve been finding a way to get your employees out of the office and work more with mobile devices, virtual PBX can help you finally succeed. With your virtual PBX system connecting everyone in your department easily, communication about business matters is extremely easy. Thanks to accessibility anywhere Internet is available, it means real-time connections while discussing critical business projects.

With business being more competitive than ever, you need more efficient ways to communicate with your employees. The same goes with customers since you and your team can keep in better contact with leads. Employees have ability to work directly in their homes or out in the field without missing customer calls.

Even better is you can use a local number through a virtual PBX system so you maintain a local presence. That’s important if you’re doing business in a specific geographic area, though you’re headquartered in another state.

While virtual PBX gives your company a more professional feel (especially using virtual phone assistants through a VoIP system), the most noticeable benefit you’ll see is the money you’ll save. If you think that new phone technology costs more, you’ll have a major surprise at how affordable it is.

Adhering to phone companies with added fees and long-distance phone charges already adds up to tremendous amounts of money per year. Virtual PBX and VoIP systems only have flat rates per month that don’t spring surprise fees on you.

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