Voice Over Internet Protocol Helps You Enjoy Benefits Beyond Saving on Your Bill

You’ve no doubt heard about Voice Over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) for a long time, yet thought it didn’t provide enough benefits for your business. Even if you’ve heard from others that they were able to save exponential money switching to VoIP, maybe you didn’t think the features of VoIP would help you run things more efficiently.

While removing yourself from phone companies and using VoIP can already save you up to 70% on your bill, you have plenty of other features that can help bring more professionalism to your business. More so, many of these features can help you grow thanks to enhancing telecommunications to levels you couldn’t do with landlines.

As seen in the link above, tech media continues to remind businesses of how VoIP provides more than just financial savings. Some VoIP features can completely change how your business runs every day, including in the amount of staff you need to get things done.

Now that you know how much you can save finally getting away from phone companies and their fees, let’s look at things like automation, remote management, and media services. These features can make your business more competitive in the coming year.

Automated Services to Eliminate the Need for Phone Operators

With your old landlines, you probably had to hire people to run a switchboard so one call could get routed to the right department. While you may have eliminated the switchboard in more recent years, features from phone companies don’t always make department transfers work quickly.

Using these old systems only leads to longer wait times for customers and frequent frustration. No matter if you use wait time music or messages, no customer wants to wait when they’re in a hurry.

The same goes for when a customer calls about a prior call and needs information they talked about with an earlier phone representative. Without digital mechanisms in place to store phone data, call center employees won’t know what the discussions were with a customer in an earlier call.

VoIP has many automated systems available that allow immediate routing to the proper departments, including mobile devices. This lets employees out in the field be able to connect with customers through one extension. By connecting extensions through mobile devices, employees can work from home and take calls from anyone.

As for call data, VoIP services in the cloud stores all data in a private server for easy retrieval. When someone calls, you’ll have all the data you need about prior calls and other current customer information.

Management Done Remotely

With VoIP, you can eliminate having an IT staff or technicians on your payroll. If you hired them in the past, they probably had a lot of headaches dealing with problems on your landline phones. Repairs were only part of it when you consider you had to upgrade your landline phones at least once a year.

VoIP through the cloud allows remote management through your Internet line without having to keep technicians in-house. It means automatic upgrades and maintenance without having to disturb your valuable work time.

Media Options

If you already know about how VoIP enhances your phone system, you may not know just how many media options the technology provides. Telecommunication options among your employees and customers are extremely varied from teleconferencing to voice messages sent by email.

When you and your employees work on a critical business project, having capability to connect in real-time is imperative. Now you can, though some VoIP services provide more of these features than others.

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