Voice Over Internet Protocol: How Easy This Phone Technology is to Use

When you think of new technology, you may think of it as overly challenging to learn in a hurry. You may even think setup time is too time-consuming when your business has no time to spare. If you’ve thought this about Voice Over Internet Protocol technology, then it’s time to catch up to reality.

While it’s true that some new tech isn’t easy to learn, VoIP phone systems have long proven otherwise. It’s arguably the greatest piece of technology out there next to the cloud. Ironically enough, both frequently work together to create a phone system like no other.

You’ll discover VoIP is very easy to use and doesn’t take a steep learning curve. This occurs thanks to a simple setup process, plus limited equipment.

The real proof, though, is when actually using VoIP during a business day. Let’s see how easy it is to use through various examples as you depend on outgoing and incoming calls.

Getting Things Set Up

If you already have a high-speed Internet line with quality service, you’re ready to go. All it requires is getting connected through your Internet provider, and you can start enjoying VoIP services.

There isn’t any bulky equipment to deal with or to find space for within your office environment. Even better, there aren’t myriad wires and cables needing expert connection.

VoIP works strictly through the Internet, and 95% of all features occur internally rather than having to maintain exterior equipment.

Is There Any Equipment At All?

Many VoIP providers give you wireless accessories to streamline your phone systems. No more will you have landline phones that create clutter on every desk. Wireless headsets are more or less the only tangible equipment you’ll have for VoIP service.

These headsets are extremely easy to use because they’re lightweight and simple to discard once you need replacements. You’ll usually receive these in bulk so all your employees can enjoy using them. Now your staff can talk on the phone while walking around and not feel chained to their desks all day.

Your capital expenditures reduce considerably this way while eliminating another concern about how to properly discard aging phones or similar devices.

The Ease of Creating Extensions

When you relied on landline phones, trying to create extensions was likely protracted and technically complicated. VoIP sets up extensions in just one to three simple steps working through online menus.

These extensions occur directly through your office as a speedier way for other departments to accept incoming calls. However, extensions are just as easy to do with mobile devices. While it may sound complicated, it’s not. You can use existing mobile technology you already have on hand. Setup usually involves installing an app to allow the phone to ring when customers call the business line.

The Ease of Doing Conferencing

Even if the above features make it easier for your customers as well, conferencing overhauls how you work in your office setting. VoIP is already allowing employees to work at home or out in the field without having to pay extra phone bills. Conferencing capability only enhances this without causing technical complications.

Through voice conferencing, VoIP gives you crisp and clear sound so you communicate with employees anywhere they are in the world. As long as they have Internet capability, you can reach them immediately when you need to discuss something important.

If they can’t answer, voice mails automatically go to email for easy retrieval.

In addition, video conferencing is becoming more common as a VoIP feature. Newer technology allows you to talk to multiple people with perfect video clarity through a matter of pressing a few buttons.

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