Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology Can Help Remove Geographical Barriers

Even though you consider yourself a mid-sized to small business, growth is always inevitable to expand your potential in other markets. It’s not easy to get there, though, when you have to pay high phone bills. Using POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) has many businesses on a string because of excessive fees and expensive long-distance rates.

Voice over Internet Protocol technology has become the true antidote to this, including avoiding the added expense of relying on cell phone carriers. The last thing you want is getting a bill from your carrier or regular phone service noting how many international calls you’ve made week to week.

To establish customers overseas, long-distance calls are obviously inevitable. Despite phone companies saying they offer good long-distance rates, you’re still going to pay a bundle if making numerous international calls every day.

So can VoIP become the solution to this like it has solving other phone expenses? Let’s take a look at how you can remove geographical barriers with VoIP in more ways than one.

Long-Distance Rates vs. Phone Company Rates

Many VoIP analysts point out VoIP providers generally give you a substantial rate decrease for long-distance calls. In many cases, they give you unlimited long-distance calling capability, though it varies by service.

What you need to do is vet your short list of VoIP providers to see which ones give the best rate. Any of them, though, will easily beat long-distance rates from major telephone companies.

State-to-state calls are generally around 10 cents per minute through most phone services. However, international rates can go up to $1.40 per minute, depending on where you’re calling to.

While it’s fair to say long-distance rates have gone down due to increased competition, VoIP can free up worry about how long you’re talking to an international business connection. You may have to talk often to someone on the other side of the world, though it’s maybe not a business partner.

Talking to Employees Internationally

Many in your company may have to travel regularly and can’t take time to attend meetings. More inconvenient is not easily being able to contact them when you need to pass on important information.

Certainly through a landline phone, you’d have more trouble trying to contact them while overseas. With VoIP, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to connect. Since you’re already going off your existing Internet line to use VoIP service, the quality in your phone service is going to improve.

For international calls, you can generally guarantee excellent digital quality so it sounds like employees are there with you. As an additional improvement, you have ability to create mobile extensions so your employees can do outgoing calls with your number while in another country. You’ll also be able to reach them on their mobile devices using an extension.

Voice and Video Conferencing Overseas

Most VoIP providers offer conferencing ability by either voice or video. Despite some landline services offering these services in bundles, it costs far more to get them separately.

Having these together in one platform gives you everything you need to enhance communication with your team, and even customers. Voice conferencing allows you to create virtual meetings with numerous employees at once while they’re in another country. Digital voice quality helps give the feeling you’re all meeting in person.

Video conferencing works much the same way. Don’t forget you could use this with customers, or for employee interviews during the hiring process. It’s possible you’re considering hiring someone who lives in a foreign country, hence giving you a convenient system for communication during the interview.

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