Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology Enables You to Do Better With Less

Voice Over Internet Protocol is four words that perhaps still mystify you, despite commonly knowing it as VoIP for short. What you’re probably hearing is that it’s helping businesses streamline their phone services and enabling business owners to do more with less. All of this is true, though you have to know if it’s really right for your company.

If you’re growing tired of dealing with landline phone company bills and increasingly high cell phone rates, then VoIP can bring you vital solutions. Yet, when placed in full context, you can say VoIP enables companies to do better with less, as noted by Huffington Post recently.

Maybe you’re still not clear how VoIP lessens burdens on you other than saving money. It’s time for you to look at how this technology lets you save physical space while also integrating numerous features into one.

Ordinarily, many features found through VoIP providers are things you’d need to invest in separately.

Saving Space in Your Office

As your business scales, you’re probably noticing the space you’re in might not accommodate your growth. That’s likely the case if you’re still using bulky equipment for a lot of your office technology.

For your phone systems, landlines are maybe a tradition you’re stuck in a rut using. It’s easy to become accustomed to a certain technology after using them for decades. Nevertheless, you’re no doubt realizing those phones take up far too much space on every desk.

This doesn’t include all the wires and cords associated with desk phones and even cellphone chargers. Then you have other equipment like conferencing technology, which may involve investing in cameras or routers.

Plus, don’t forget all your calling records you may still file on paper. Using such an antiquated system means filling more file bins, which only takes up more square feet in every department.

VoIP doesn’t use any equipment other than your Internet line. Wireless headsets are the only real equipment you’ll have, and they’re easy to store or discard.

Eliminating Unexpected Bills

As mentioned above, working with phone bills isn’t any way to save money. Many of those companies are out to make as much money as possible, and regulatory fees seem to increase every month. The same goes for cellphone rates, especially when needing to use those for continual long-distance calling.

Why continue to pay big bills for phone services not even giving you half the features VoIP does? Continuing to depend on phone companies and cellphone carriers only enables you to do less with excessive equipment.

Since VoIP providers usually only charge you a flat rate per month, you’re already gaining more with far less phone expenses.

Using Your Existing Mobile Devices

Another great aspect to VoIP is its ability to give you features on equipment you already have. Rather than discard all your mobile devices, VoIP integrates well with all of them. This works by creating extension numbers on each so employees can work in the field (or at home) and still receive inbound calls.

It’s more proof how VoIP integrates many things usually requiring separate services and billings.

Integrating Other Equipment

Since most VoIP providers give you teleconferencing and video conferencing ability, you don’t have to worry about paying for separate providers just to upgrade technologically. Voice conferencing is already integrated and has digital voice capability so it sounds like employees are there with you.

Video conferencing is the same way thanks to built-in cameras on mobile devices. Clarity in the video is crisper now, including ability to have dozens join in on video chats.

Other features like wait music and digital assistants frequently require outside services, though all consolidate through VoIP technology using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

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