Voicemail Greeting Scripts: Doctor, Dental, and Law

If you have a professional office, finding the right tone for your voicemail greetings can be tough. Your clients expect your messaging to stay very professional and almost formal, yet you want to stay personal and approachable. It can be difficult to balance these priorities.

Depending on your needs, you should customize these greetings and prepare your own messages. This article will provide you with tips, ideas, and suggestions for crafting your messages. Think carefully about the type of impression you want to create, who your clients are and what they need before writing your VoIP message.

Voicemail Greetings Should:

  • Anticipate Needs—You should think about who will typically call your office, what they want, who they are trying to reach and how they can have their immediate needs met even if you cannot answer the phone right now.
  • Provide Information—Your office hours, alternate phone numbers and email address also belong here, if applicable. You need to provide enough information for callers to know what to do and how to reach you.
  • Request a Message—You need to ask your callers to leave a message. Specify the details you need, so your callers can give you enough information. Typically, name, phone number and a short message are all relevant and can help you provide better service to your clients or patients.
  • Stay Short and Professional—Strike the right tone while keeping your message short. Staying brief will help project a more professional image, as well as save callers’ time and effort trying to reach you. This encourages callers to listen to the entire greeting and leave a message of their own afterward.

Using our scripts, you can craft your own greetings and record a message that is appropriate for your industry, your office, and your clientele. Keep in mind, for emergencies, holidays and special hours you will need to update your voicemail greeting.

If you leave on vacation or are unavailable, you should update your voicemail script with an out-of-office voicemail message to reflect that information. Provide information on alternatives, too, so your clients are not left empty-handed even if you are unavailable for a while.

Article Contents:

  1. Voicemail Greetings for Doctors’ Offices
  2. Voicemail Greetings for Lawyers’ Offices
  3. Voicemail Greetings for Dental Offices

1. Voicemail Greetings for Doctors’ Offices

Doctor’s Office

In your medical office voicemail greeting script, you need to provide information about office hours, how patients can schedule appointments, who is currently on call and other important information. Keep your greeting succinct and professional.

“You’ve reached the voicemail of Hawthorne Primary Care Clinic. If this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 911. Our office hours are from Monday through Saturday, 8 AM to 8 PM. Sign up for an appointment at www.hawthorneprimarycare.com or call our administrative assistant during office hours. Doctor Kendrick is currently on call at (555) 487-2955. Please leave your name and number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.”

At the beginning of your message, be sure to encourage callers to dial 911 in an emergency—you do not want callers leaving a message in a medical emergency, so you need to include that message towards the beginning of your medical office phone message script.

Private Practice Office

A private practice medical office voicemail greeting script will be similar to a doctor’s office. For your private practice, you need to strike a personal tone while also keeping your message very professional and succinct. It is also important to create an out-of-office voicemail message for when you are required to be away from the office. In this VoIP example, a doctor leaves a voicemail greeting before leaving for a vacation.

“You have reached the voicemail of Doctor James Halliday. If this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 911. I will be away from the office from November 2nd to November 10th. Please call my colleague, Doctor Sandra Pickett, at (555) 859-3372 if you need to refill your medications or schedule an appointment. Leave your name and message after the beep and I will call you back when I return. Thank you. “

Regardless of how big your practice is, you need to put your patients first with your greeting. Start with emergency information and later in the greeting include info to help your patients access care while you are gone. This can help you cut down on the number of messages you have to listen to, and it also helps your patients find what they need, which is the most important aspect of a medical office phone script.

2. Voicemail Greetings for Lawyers’ Offices

Law Office

Your main law office phone number is primarily directed toward the general public calling in, since your existing clients will probably call specific staff members. So, your law office voicemail greeting needs to mention the type of law your practice focuses on, office hours and other basic information for callers.

“Thank you for calling the law offices of Resnik, Calgary, and Johnson. Our law firm specializes in healthcare and medical malpractice law. Our offices are open 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Please leave your name, your phone number, and your reason for calling after the beep. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.”

You can introduce your law office briefly and offer some basic information about hours, the scope of practice and how to reach an attorney. If you want, you could also include an extra phone number or email address in the law office voicemail greeting.

Private Practice

If you are a private practice attorney, then it makes sense to direct callers to leave a message so you can call them back promptly. This example VoIP message is short and to-the-point for callers to leave a message that is detailed enough for you to respond more efficiently.

“This is the voicemail box of Bill Carlson, attorney at law. I’m not available to take your call, so please leave your name and number so we can schedule a time to speak. Thank you.”

Keeping it prompt and professional can help you give your callers a clear direction for how to reach your office and obtain more information without leading to unnecessary back-and-forth with phone calls. As a solo practice, you want callers to wait for you to get back with them. It may also be wise to create an out-of-office voicemail message for when you will be on vacation.

3. Voicemail Greetings for Dental Offices

Dental office voicemail greetings are fairly similar to doctors’ office voicemail greetings. You want to let your patients know how to reach you, when your dental practice office hours are, how to make an appointment and other info they may need. To start, provide emergency info directing callers to 911 in the event of a medical emergency as in this VoIP example.

“Thank you for calling Hearth Dental. If this is a dental emergency, call Doctor Sam Jacobs on his cellphone at (555) 467-9923. If this is a medical emergency, hang up and dial 911. Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM. To schedule an appointment, visit www.hearthdental.com or call us during our office hours. For oral surgery scheduling, call Doctor Roberts at Central Hospital at (555) 893-2244. Please leave your name, phone number, and message after the beep and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.”

The message provides information for callers so they can have their needs met quickly and efficiently. Callers can call other numbers in this example if they need surgery, have a dental emergency or have a medical emergency. Patients can reach the dentist away from his dental practice on his cellphone, making it easier for them to contact him even if he is away, a useful element for your dental office voicemail greeting.

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