VoIP and the Near Future: Integration With Other Technologies

The future of Voice Over Internet Protocol technology never wavers in looking bright, even if the technology behind it keeps evolving quickly. If you’re not already familiar with VoIP as a digital phone system, now is the best time to acquire it to make your business run more efficiently. Over the next few years, it’s only going to become more technologically advanced to a point where landline phones likely turn into relics.

We’re already starting to see VoIP used to complement other top technologies that allow companies to run at a more optimal level. At the heart of this is the cloud and how it’s changed the entire landscape in the way we store data.

Yet, the cloud isn’t the only technology where VoIP has use. Other tech that usually existed separately can now acquire VoIP elements and turn offices into major communication hubs.

Some of these tech categories include The Internet of Things, and even social media.

Let’s see what lies ahead for VoIP in these areas and what it could mean for your company.

[icon name=”icon-cloud” size=”75px” color=”#53c93e” link=””] The Cloud’s Purpose for VoIP

You’re starting to see more companies adopting hosted VoIP systems and cloud PBX systems because of how reliable the cloud is in storing phone data. More so, when you have a dedicated team monitoring the cloud for your employees, it brings more heightened security for sensitive customer data.

Maybe above all, though, is the cloud acts as a security blanket for disasters. Your entire phone system gets stored in the cloud, which is easily retrievable when the unexpected occurs. If a natural disaster wiped out your entire business, you’d only have to find an Internet connection to retrieve all phone data the same day.

The fact that most hosted VoIP providers only charge you a flat rate per month, it’s a compelling reason to drop the risk of using landline phone service.

Over the next few years, expect to see the cloud factor strongly into VoIP technology, including increasing scalability to accommodate your business’s growing pains.

[icon name=”sl-feed” size=”75px” color=”#53c93e” link=””]  VoIP and The Internet of Things

The interconnected nature of VoIP can broaden extensively when you add The Internet of Things to the mix. We have yet to see this integration fully put together, but it’s soon to arrive.

At stake here is being able to connect things through your VoIP service you couldn’t before. It means any voice message you receive on your smartphone could automatically get sent to your email box. Or, online calendars could alert your mobile device about an important event you’d forgotten about.

Taking it further, messages from your VoIP system could get sent to peripheral things, like your car. Plus, don’t discount having your VoIP provider helping you connect with virtually anything, including appliances around your office to bring more diffuse communication.

It’s likely we’ll see this in wide use by the next decade, despite security needing addressing before going mainstream.

[icon name=”li_like” size=”75px” color=”#53c93e” link=””] VoIP’s Integration With Social Media

Social media and VoIP have already joined heads, so to speak, when Facebook’s WhatsApp became a popular app not long ago. Thanks to WhatsApp providing Internet-based phone calls, many have been able to talk to people on social media and then switch to a call within seconds.

This is just the start for VoIP connecting with all social media channels. Your marketing team may appreciate this even more based on how it makes communicating with potential leads a faster process.

As many analysts noted a couple of years ago, social media engagement with VoIP can quickly change the game in enticing customers. Soon, you won’t have to wait to communicate with them on a more personal level.

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