VoIP Calls May Soon Be Allowed on Airline Flights: How VoIP Technology Connects Globally

The term Voice over Internet Protocol might still sound arcane to you if you’re just now switching over to a digital phone system. Known for short as VoIP, one thing businesses now realize is it streamlines how calls get taken and made. With a flat rate per month and myriad features, it’s a technology you can’t afford to go without in a more competitive business world.

One thing not usually discussed enough in marketing VoIP is how global it is. You can say that on a literal scale when you consider the growing use in other countries. However, technologically, it can create new communication on a grand scale.

Part of this may become enhanced soon with reports that voice calls might soon be allowed on airline flights. It’s a major development in bringing more VoIP technology use while traveling the world.

The thing is, VoIP is already a great way to keep connected around the globe when you have to travel for business.

How Does VoIP Allow Universal Telecommunications?

Since you’re using your existing Internet line for VoIP service, you’re already equipped to bring some great communication capabilities not available on landlines. You might as well ditch all your landline phones at this point since there isn’t any way for you to create mobile connections.

Through VoIP, you’re automatically set up for wireless capability thanks to cordless headsets available through most providers. These remove the chain from an employee’s desk and lets them freely roam around the building.

It goes far beyond this, though, to allowing extensions on your existing mobile devices. An employee can install an app and be able to take calls while out in the field, or make calls. You can still use your business number through the extension.

Of course, while this works great for employees who need to work from home, what happens when they have to do business travels?

Communicating Internationally

Perhaps you or other business associates have to travel to other states or out of the country to make deals. Trying to stay communicated with the head office can become problematic if you rely strictly on cell phone service. Over time, the charges for this are going to compound and become a major expense that eats into your profits.

VoIP works on a national and international basis using the extension feature. With airlines possibly allowing VoIP calls, it gives more faith in how safe they are without causing technological disruptions.

Being able to do so without having to wait to use VoIP service in a hotel ultimately saves you more time. When you need to keep up on what’s occurring at your HQ, you finally can while bringing many other communication features.

Going Beyond Voice Calls for International Communication

Video conferencing is another great feature through VoIP providers, and the technology behind it improves every year. Eventually, you’ll possibly be able to do a video conference meeting on an airline without waiting until later.

Even if you can’t conference until you’re safely in a hotel room, the ability to conduct an entire meeting with perfect video clarity is more than possible now. Having this available truly places you in the competitive game so you can make decisions now rather than days or weeks later.

At the same time, when someone needs to reach you about something important, all your voice mails go to email so you either read them (in text form), or hear them there.

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