VoIP in the Cloud Will Grow in 2016: Creating Better Business Presence

No doubt you’ve heard plenty about Voice over Internet Protocol technology, yet didn’t know it had another variation using the cloud. It’s taken some time for cloud-based VoIP to grow in popularity. Now it’s about to take a leap forward in many companies. Evidence comes in recent reports showing this technology having a sunny outlook throughout 2016.

The cloud has myriad ways to make your VoIP system improve how your business functions. You can usually narrow the benefits down to three categories: Business presence, availability, and call routing.

These have internal details that allow superior telecommunications to help you stay competitive. That’s thanks to dozens of features VoIP already gives you, plus cloud universality.

By having the cloud in your corner, you’ll have an unexpected benefit: Disaster recovery. This can save the life of your business if your headquarters becomes decimated in a hurricane or earthquake. With easy access anywhere you have Internet, all your call data stays protected.

For telecommunication, though, you need to see why cloud VoIP is becoming the top choice in all companies.

Enhancing Your Business Presence

How you present your business is one of the most important aspects toward first impressions. Much of this occurs during phone calls and how your call center deals with customers. 

Cloud VoIP takes the above form of communication to a supreme level. With call data stored in the cloud server, employees can instantly read customer information. This helps the customer since it relays things discussed in prior calls. For the employee, it helps bring improved customer service.

Whether dealing with inbound or outbound cold calls, having information at the ready nurtures better customer relationships. It prevents long hold times while looking up data that should always be at an agent’s fingertips.

In the chance a live agent doesn’t answer a call, VoIP features allow customers to find their way to the proper department. Things like digital assistants sound like a real person and can direct a caller to the right place.

Plus, since phone messages get sent via email, employees can return calls faster if they’re not in the office. For business presence, this is invaluable because it always places the customer first.

Enhancing Availability

You can already see some ways cloud VoIP brings more reliable availability in your business. While this works with customers, it’s equally great with communication among your employees.

The cloud’s ability to connect all telecommunication devices is still a true miracle of technology. When your employees have to consistently work in the field, it only makes it tougher to come in to the office for meetings. Using cloud VoIP services, you have many features to keep you linked so business projects don’t suffer due to lack of time.

You’ll be able to create direct extension numbers on mobile devices so employees can take a call anywhere they are. Conferencing features (for voice and video) make live meetings unnecessary.

From the other end, customers can easily call an employee at the above extension number.

Call Routing Features

Every department in your company can have a routing number for easier communication. Once again, this makes it easier to talk to a particular employee when needed. They can even work from home and still have inbound and outbound calling capability.

Letting your employees work from home only makes their lives easier. As cloud VoIP continually grows, the old process of how we view an office may profoundly change. Yet, it only helps bring better productivity making employees more comfortable.

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