VoIP Phone Service Review: 3 Considerations When Choosing VoIP Phone System Services

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), in layman terms, phone service over the internet, is an innovative technology for the delivery of voice communications or multimedia conferences over Internet Protocol (IP) networks (such as the internet).

With the burgeoning of internet based business technologies, VoIP services have become a valuable commodity for businesses attempting to keep up with technological advances. Selecting the appropriate VoIP phone system service is an integral decision in which meeting business goals and needs meets technological advantages. 

3 Considerations When Choosing VoIP Phone System Services

1) Cost

Voice Over Internet Protocol systems range in variety, capability, and overall effectiveness. Some offer certain bells and whistles, such as included IT support staff, at a higher cost while other cheaper options may be simplistic in nature, yet meet your budget. 

Assess, assess, assess!

Work out a business budget that includes a VoIP system that meets all foreseeable needs. Make sure to evaluate the dire necessities as well as which aspects can be relegated without forfeiting the intended positive outcomes of purchasing a VoIP system.

Generally, purchasing a hosted VoIP system that offers standard features such as a VoIP friendly branch exchange, a PSTN gateway, and an off-site location for hardware and technological support, is the best option for any growing business. While the up-front cost may be more than a budget allows, the long-term savings will end up counterbalancing that high cost.

2) Maintenance

While VoIP systems are a generative tool proven to lead to higher revenue, it is also yet another technological aspect of modern-day business requiring support: initial implementation, necessary troubleshooting, and continual maintenance. Therefore, it is imperative to evaluate a businesses technological support needs before choosing a VoIP system and then allowing those results to determine the appropriate provider.

If a business employs a full tech staff or even a few technological savvy individuals with knowledge of VoIP systems, then acquiring a non-hosted VoIP phone system service is an applicable way to save upfront costs while gaining the benefits of the system. Keep in mind, if a business uses a non-hosted VoIP system, they will generally need to find the physical space for hardware as well as budget in additional tech support staff time specifically for VoIP maintenance. Businesses will also be responsible for obtaining an IP-based private branch exchange (that is VoIP friendly!) as well as a PSTN gateway, a device that converts calls to and from digital signals.

On the other hand, for businesses smaller in build and breadth who do not have tech staff on hand, it is extremely important to invest in a hosted VoIP phone system service or find a capable service that will provide IT support. Many VoIP services offer off-site assistance, such as delivering calls to phones and software clients, and some require little to no additional on-site hardware aside from the phones.

A VoIP system is a substantially useful tool, yet their benefits span only as far as their working capabilities.

3) User Needs

After taking into consideration the needs and limitations of the business, it is important to direct attention, energy, and time to evaluating the needs of the users.

A business is as strong as the employees that help support its infrastructure, systems, and environment, therefore taking an in-depth and genuine poll of their needs is highly beneficial. While allowing their voices to be heard is not only a great leadership tool, it also lends to the betterment and success of a business. If employees are provided with appropriate tools to complete tasks and projects, businesses in turn have the opportunity to increase their productivity.

Provide staff with a questionnaire or hold informal meetings to review VoIP options in conjunction with employees need. While most businesses are unable to meet all needs, there can be an overall consensus on the most important from the list.


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