VoIP Phone Service Review: Which VoIP Phone System Services Are Best For Your Small Business?

Finding a decent VoIP phone service review isn’t always easy considering how many VoIP services are available around the world. It’s no surprise why so many providers exist when you put into perspective how much VoIP helps businesses achieve better telecommunications. In a time when business competition is more intense than it’s ever been, connecting better with employees and customers is essential to stay ahead.

As with any technology, the providers of VoIP in the world range from excellent to only fair. While all VoIP companies give you reliable features and help you save money, you want the very best ones that work for your business structure.

Many businesses get overwhelmed choosing a VoIP company because each provider literally has hundreds of different features when combined. Here’s a look at some top VoIP companies to consider that we’ve helped research and gather for you here at Top10VoIPList.com.

We’re here to help you through the frustrating maze of features so you find the best VoIP provider to meet the needs of your growing business.


We place Nextiva at the highest level of our most recommended VoIP services. The reason is clear: They’re the most affordable provider of any today while not skimping on features. If you take their basic Office Pro plan, you get the same amount of features at $19.95 per month you’d find with more expensive platforms.

Nextiva is also excellent for mid-sized to smaller businesses, which almost always means you operating on a strict budget.


This VoIP company frequently gets voted on as being one of the top five providers in the country. However, it’s really better for larger business, at least for those under 50,000 employees. If you have a larger business needing to improve your telecommunications, you have a complete cloud-based infrastructure that’s full of customized features.

Some of the best features at Mitel are ones they’ve branded with the first half of their moniker. Their MiVoice technology gives you a heavy list of features from professional greetings to call conferencing. The same goes for their MiContact features to use for contact center operations.

Then you have MiCollab for superior collaboration options. Voice and video conferencing are high quality here and can help you get everyone on the same page for a critical business project.


For this VoIP company, you have a provider fit for any sized business, plus an unlimited plan. They offer month-by-month billing so you aren’t stuck in any lengthy contracts. Based on how many lines you need in your company, the flat rate can go as low as only $19.95 per month. That’s already a major savings compared to what you likely pay to a regular phone company.

Features are as comprehensive as any, plus mobile platforms, so your employees can connect to you and customers while out in the field.


As another quality VoIP provider, Corvisa is a provider designed specifically for larger business, but those with large customer databases. Communicating with customers can become so much more enhanced with VoIP technology, and Corvisa provides features that evolve this strongly.

With click-to-call, plus transcription features, you can contact customers quickly wherever you are, as well as store previous call dialogue. Advanced routing features helps you connect a customer to the right department or employee immediately.


There isn’t any question ShoreTel is one of the best VoIP providers anywhere. They prove this with 90+ features giving you advanced telecommunications like you’ve never had before. Despite being a little more expensive than other VoIP competitors, their features will give you a high ROI down the road.

ShoreTel is notable for their great and easy-to-use mobile app features to tap into the main VoIP system from remote locations.

Contact us here at Top10VoIPList.com to learn more about the top VoIP providers in the world and how we can help you make the best educated decision.

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