VoIP Phone Services System Review

Today, most systems are running on the cloud. The development has most communications in businesses integrated into one. VoIP is an example of such integration. Voice over internet protocol is the use of hardware and software to transfer voice, video, and data over the web for small businesses. Below are some of the features incorporated into VoIP.

Flexible Messaging

VoIP will give a smooth note transition from voice to text or Portable Document Format (PDF). Once notified of an incoming message; you can choose to receive it as a text on your phone or have it faxed as PDF all under VoIP’s voice transcription. VoIP is integration of modern telephony and faxing, and traditional texting. In urgent cases, you have option to use video conferencing.

Automated Call Distribution

A business will have partitions to serve its varying customer needs. VoIP will place received calls to their respective attendants. It acts as a means for order in a business’ installation, payment, general queries, etc.

Find me/Follow me

A company’s legitimacy comes into question when they do not have one known contact line. VoIP allows you to have several contact lines; all under one name (this may also include your personal contact.) VoIP integrates them all in the cloud such that, any call you place will show your business name or caller ID on the receiving end. There is no restriction as to your working time or area. Companies with spread out branches will work under different numbers but one business ID.

Virtual Receptionists

At peak hours businesses tend to get overwhelmed with multiple callers to a limited number of attendants.  Instead of putting your callers on hold, they have a preset message respond to your customers. If not, they put customers on hold with some music or some customized company’s adverts.

Call Services

Most companies will want to register conversations for credibility issues and to have a general feedback on their customer service. Apart from call clarity, VoIP allows call recording at a fair price. Call transfer to and from one line is smooth and efficient. In this technological era and speed, customers want service providers to effectively respond to their requests.

Cost of Operation

VoIP utilizes internet connectivity for communication. While network providers will charge you heavily  for calls, texts and video transfer, you just need to pay for the web and get connected apart from your mobile phones; you can also use:

  • Digital IP telephones(phone connecting directly to the internet via network cables)
  • Wi-Fi phones (connects to wireless office router)
  • Soft phones (is a software computer program, requires a USB headset to connect to a desktop and make or receive calls)
  • Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA) (allows connection of analog telephones. Also, you can easily travel with your ATA phone.)

Among the VoIP service providers, we have Nextiva standing out. Nextiva gives a pricing model to suit all its consumers. Small businesses needing one to eight lines can use unlimited minutes, 1-toll free number, virtual PBX, professional greetings, i-virtual fax number, US-based support, one local number and free US/Canada calls. Also, they can have custom-made specifications for businesses needing more than eight lines.

Nextiva offer top-notch customer service ranging from tutorials, instant call reception, emails and guides. Nextiva has several branches, e.g., Arizona, Scottsdale etc. Their promotions are such as discounts, special offers in the form of banners, coupons, and text links, etc. Nextiva gives you freedom to join and leave, as you will, giving no cancellation fees. With a 30 day free trial and charges as low as 4.95$, Nextiva is the way to go. Get in touch for more information.

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