VoIP Service for Business: Is It Really Worth the Switch?

Let’s start out with the short answer. Yes, it is most likely a good idea for your company to switch to VoIP. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look a little deeper. In reality, VoIP isn’t the best solution for every company. For most companies, it’s somewhat of a miracle, but before you switch, it’s definitely worth some thought. Here are a few things you should know before you decide whether or not your company should switch to VoIP.

The basics

By now, you probably understand how VoIP works, but just in case, let’s make sure you’re caught up. Voice over Internet Protocol is a revolutionary system that is built to replace and improve upon traditional phone systems. VoIP has been adopted in a number of situations. In fact, some companies are even offering VoIP for residential use. The most widespread use of VoIP systems, however, is in the business world.

VoIP completely ignores standard phone lines, and instead transmits audio and other data directly through the internet. This is usually coordinated through software running on a machine that is connected to the internet, as well as a headset of some kind. This system allows for a huge range of flexibility in features and possibilities.

It depends on the organization

Of course, as great as VoIP sounds, every situation is different, and the benefits of the system to a company depend mostly on the company itself. For example, if you find that you and your employees make very few phone calls, it may not be worth the effort to switch. Also, while VoIP systems are generally very inexpensive, and don’t require much, there are a few requirements, such as computers. If, for whatever reason, your employees don’t have access to sufficient technology, you may find that the system isn’t worth the cost of the equipment. Every situation is different, and it’s important to consider yours before adopting a VoIP system, however, remember that the cases in which VoIP is a bad idea are generally the exceptions to the rule, not the other way around.

How long does it take to switch?

The answer to this question will depend on the company you choose to provide your VoIP system. Before you make any firm decisions, find out how long it will take to switch over. Although this can vary a little from company to company, and even from situation to situation, switching should never take very long. If the company expects the process to be long and difficult, find another company.

How difficult is the system to learn?

VoIP systems come with so many features, you’ll probably never know everything your software can do. Of course, this change also comes with a learning curve. The good thing is that VoIP systems are generally relatively simple to pick up, and you can usually only learn what you need. You certainly don’t need to know the entire system to be able to use any of it. But it’s still a good idea to look into how much time and effort will go into training.

Cost factors

Cost is always a factor in business. VoIP systems tend to be very inexpensive. Most, in fact, are even cheaper than traditional phone service, especially in the long run. It’s still important, though, to do all of the appropriate math to make sure the financial side will work out the way you expect.

Why not try both?

Are you a little nervous about switching to a VoIP system? There’s really nothing forcing you to end your traditional phone service before your VoIP service starts. Why not try VoIP for a couple of weeks, alongside your old phone system. This will allow you to compare the systems, and leave you something to fall back on if the VoIP system ends up not being what you expected.

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