VoIP Service for Mid-Sized Businesses: Helping You During Growth Stages

VoIP service for mid-sized businesses is beneficial since any company at this size level is usually in the middle of growing pains. Your own business may have finally surmounted its startup phase and suddenly experienced a sudden burst in customer activity. Are you really prepared to handle that influx of business, or have you stayed with a shoestring budget?

If you’ve stuck with using landline phones, you may think you’re saving, but you’re not. After you check your invoices, you’ll discover more money is going out than you think. You could be paying for services you don’t even use, let alone extra fees for every phone call you make.

As you increase your business markets overseas, international rates are also going to increase. These are far from cheap through landline companies and cell phone carriers.

Thanks to a flat monthly rate from most to all VoIP providers, you don’t have to worry about major phone expenses. Yet, it goes beyond this into specific features. Look at various VoIP features you can use to take your mid-sized business to a corporate level.

Flexibility with Your Office Phones

You don’t even need obstructive landline phones to enjoy VoIP’s benefits. In most cases, you only need wireless headsets to make using the phone easier. By providing the same line extension, employees can move around from department to department without having to switch to another phone.

This already provides more efficiency in the workplace, especially when you want your employees being more physically active as a health incentive.

Equally good news is your employees don’t have to stay in the office to enjoy VoIP’s best features.

Giving Your Employees More Freedom

To make your business grow, giving employees freedom to work from home can help them become more productive and loyal. VoIP providers let you create mobile extensions as well for inbound and outbound calls.

When you need to reach your employees in a hurry, you can reach them without having to wait hours for a response. Business contacts can even reach those employees so business deals aren’t missed. In the middle of important transactions, you want real-time telecommunications at all times.

Handling an Influx of New Customers

One of the biggest growing pains for mid-sized businesses is suddenly experiencing a tidal wave of people calling to order products. You’ve likely seen how this can happen virtually overnight, especially if getting media attention.

VoIP that works through the cloud brings superior telecommunications on multiple levels. One of those is storing your call data in the cloud so it’s easily accessible at any time. Your call agents see this information on their computers to eliminate customers having to wait.

It also includes ID of who’s calling so employees can answer the phone already knowing the name of the existing customer.

Since the cloud is scalable, you can handle those increased calls without worry of crashing a server or overloading phone lines. The last thing you want is your server going down during busy moments just because you didn’t invest in stronger infrastructure.

Extra Communication Features

Remember the days when you had to invest in clunky fax machines? The days of owning heavy and expensive equipment is changing to services available through an Internet line. VoIP offers online faxes now to help streamline your business operations.

As you grow, this can leave you more money for extra revenue rather than investing in new assets. The same goes for voice mail capabilities via email so you can hear them anywhere you are on the planet.

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