VoIP Service for Small Business: Which Features Make You Look the Most Professional?

VoIP services for small businesses are more plentiful now thanks to becoming a stronger market. Even so, you’ll realize that attempting to choose a VoIP provider is a lot like vetting an employee. So many VoIP services exist, it’s sometimes impossible to choose the best one without some help.

With our reliable research here at Top10VoIPList.com, we provide the information you need to make an educated decision. As a small business, you probably wonder which features make things run more efficiently. You’ll find as many features to choose from as there are providers.

It pays to look at the feature list of each provider you’re considering and read everything carefully. Certain features may help you more than others, which means you may have to write off a few providers you’ve had in mind.

Let’s look at some occasionally overlooked features and what they can do to help your small business look more professional.

Auto Attendant

While a standard feature on many VoIP systems, auto attendant is also one of the true standouts for helping you look like a major company. VoIP providers don’t always tout this feature enough, and you may overlook it if not reading your features list.

The beauty of an auto attendant is that you basically get a digital personal assistant. Many providers call it “digital assistant” to better describe what it does. When customers call you, they’ll hear a digital voice (with choice of male or female) that leads everyone to the right department.

If you’re a very small business, a digital assistant leading a customer to the proper place can eliminate any worry of looking amateurish. Most people think of a classy corporation when hearing digital assistants. Callers will get this vibe immediately since most auto attendants sound like a real person.

Find Me/Follow You

Maybe you’ve heard of this feature on VoIP, though didn’t know what it means. It allows you to route calls to other locations, especially mobile devices. This is invaluable if your employees have to work in the field, or you give staff freedom to work outdoors.

Many services allow you to have multiple devices ring during one call. A mobile device may ring on the first ring, followed by your in-office phone on the second ring. After ringing multiple devices, it then goes to voice mail.

With voice messages above, you have another great feature that makes VoIP for small businesses so convenient.

Email Transcription of Voice Mail

Your employees may work with customer calls while at home or when traveling. If there’s a missed call, voice mail is easy to listen to on any mobile device. Using a cloud-based VoIP service, you can access voice mails any place you have Internet.

Even better is that many VoIP providers let voice mails go straight to email. You can hear it there, or read it as a transcript.

Audio and Video Conferencing

No doubt you’re aware of conferencing technology, yet didn’t know it was available as a VoIP feature. It’s an essential tool to keep everyone in your small business connected so you’re always in unison. During times when you’re collectively working on a critical business project, conferencing allows real-time telecommunications to share ideas.

This works well with audio conferencing, but video conferencing is available in many VoIP services as well. You can essentially hold all your business meetings this way, or showcase ideas when inventing a new product.

Small business VoIP basically lets you and your entire staff have more freedom so you aren’t tied to the office. Ultimately, it gives you better success due to calling flexibility and making your employees more productive.

Contact us here at Top10VoIPList.com to use our resources to find the best VoIP providers with the most useful features.

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