VoIP Service for Small to Medium Business: How Does it Affect Long-Distance Calling?

VoIP service for small to medium businesses is evolving to a point where it gives the ability to compete with the bigger companies. While you’ve perhaps thought that VoIP was only good for large businesses, this isn’t true. Thanks to professional VoIP features, you’ll add optimal style to your phone system even major corporations enjoy.

The difference, though, is that you’re still a growing business compared to a major company. One thing those corporations probably learned is using VoIP early helped them scale in more ways than one. A big part of this comes in the type of phone calls being made.

Long-distance calls are already a problem if you still rely on landline service. However, long-distance calls become necessary as you start to grow and communicate with customers and employees in the field.

Look at what kind of long-distance situations you might encounter while in the growth stage and how VoIP makes the process easier.

Long-Distance Calls to Customers

If your business involves having to make cold calls to random people for sales, it may have to involve out-of-state calls to expand your horizons. Through a phone company, this could start to become expensive, despite some major phone companies claiming you’re getting better deals over others.

In truth, making long-distance calls daily starts to compound in cost, even if the initial rates look attractive. Hundreds of dollars could end up coming out of your budget just to pay for calls you made to gain leads. On top of it, there isn’t much you can do to negotiate with your phone company to pare charges down.

VoIP is there to help with those long-distance cold calls. You only pay a flat-rate every month for most VoIP services, and long-distance calls become unlimited. The reason is that you’re using your existing Internet line for your entire phone system.

At last, you can eliminate being at the mercy of phone companies who think you have no other options available. Now you can grow your business with a reasonable monthly fee and technology that gives you exponential features beyond unlimited long-distance calling.

International Calling

If you’re expanding your market to foreign countries, it may require having to make calls in every continent. Fees for these calls are tremendous through landline companies and cellphone carriers. The more you nurture these markets, the more calls you’ll need to make, perhaps hourly during a workday.

As with stateside calling, VoIP primarily lets you have unlimited international calls as well without excessive charges. Because call data typically gets stored in the cloud, you’ll have instant access to customer info when they call in, or when you call them to establish leads. This alone can help form better relationships with new customer leads or business associates.

Long-Distance Calls to Employees

Keeping your company team connected is vital in your growth stage. As you work on possibly valuable projects, you’ll need a way to connect without having to meet all the time in person. Regardless, many of your employees may have to travel overseas to establish business connections.

Conferencing capability on many VoIP systems provides quality audio and video that feels like your employees are there in person. They’re possibly halfway across the globe, yet voice conferencing provides a digital clarity you simply can’t get on a landline connection.

Video conferencing is just as good where advancements prevent freezes and audio cutouts. You can even have multiple people participate in video conferencing from every possible location.

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