VoIP Service for Small to Medium Businesses: Helping to Grow Your Mobility

As a small or medium business, you’ve likely realized that you need to start using more mobile technology to accommodate demands and help your employees. With limited space and the need to have to travel regularly for business, using mobile devices is important to get ahead of competitors. Regardless, do you know how to use it in the best possible way to create more efficient communication and save money?

Using a VoIP service for small to medium business helps revamp how you bring mobility to yourself and fellow workers. It’s worth keeping in mind mobility can mean different things, and VoIP accommodates all of them.

It all starts with one thing enabling your employees to get away from their desks: VoIP caters to wireless technology.

Since all VoIP services work strictly through an Internet line, you’re already equipped to use wireless methods during a work day. Let’s take a look at how this works and how you can integrate existing devices with a VoIP system to bring more work freedom.

Using Wireless Headsets

While it’s possible to use your existing landline phones with VoIP services, why bother when you can create a more wireless phone system? Wireless headsets are now a standard with VoIP companies. They’ll send them to you in bulk so every employee in your company can have one.

These are easy to set up, and they’re extremely lightweight for wearing. Most people don’t even feel them on their heads. At the same time, employees can make and take calls while moving around the office. No more are they forced to tether themselves to a desk just to take calls.

It also makes it easier when a phone agent has to find information while on the line. They can keep talking without having to place someone on hold.

Using Extensions on Existing Mobile Devices

Despite still needing carrier service, you can turn all your mobile devices into something different from what you’ve had. Most VoIP services let you add an app to your mobile devices to create extensions. This allows calls from your business number to come in through an employee’s smartphone.

Workers can also call out using your main number. As such, they basically have a mobile business available everywhere they go. Not only do they likely have mobile software, they can now take or make calls while at home.

Even better is your employees who have to work in the field can do so without having to miss calls. Plus, they can reach customers easier while on the go rather than making special trips to the office for callbacks.

Voice Mails On the Go

Another great mobile aspect to VoIP is the ability to listen to voice mails directly through email. As long as your employees have their smartphones or tablets with them, they can sign in and hear voice mails instantly. This helps with callbacks, especially when it’s a customer or business associate who needs quick information.

Once again, your employees save money having to make special trips to their office just to hear messages. Using mobile technology with VoIP services helps keep your employees away from the office for longer periods to help their own lives.

Using Conferencing From Remote Locations

You’ll find audio and video conferencing as common VoIP features today. All of these are easily usable on mobile devices as well so you can coordinate meetings about important projects.

Some of your employees may have to travel overseas and aren’t available often for meetings. Audio clarity and video quality are both excellent through many VoIP providers, though it largely depends on your Internet quality.

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