VoIP Service for Small to Medium Businesses: Should Your Company Switch?

VoIP has made many inroads into the corporate world, and even some Fortune 500 companies are now using it. This likely has you wondering whether or not it is also good for your own company. Is it Is It Worth it for your small or medium business to make the switch? Like many other aspects of business, the right answer depends on the circumstances.

Do You Handle a Large Number of Calls?

If so, it’s surely worth it to change over to VoIP service. That’s partly because VoIP providers have no per-call charges, while traditional landline companies do. Another reason you should switch to VoIP is that landline companies have extra charges for long-distance calls. That would be reasonable if “long-distance” referred to calls to places across the country. Unfortunately, in phone company terms, it refers to calls anywhere outside of an extremely small radius. This radius maybe only 3-5 miles from your current location. While that may work fine if you’re in a big city and all of your customers are right around you, it’s no good if you need to call people who are further away.

Are You or Some of Your Staff Often Out of the Office?

This is a common scenario for real estate agents, insurance agents, field personnel, and anyone who typically works from home. With traditional phone services, you lose the benefits of your business phone system as soon as you step out of your building. VoIP, on the other hand, can seamlessly route calls to your cell phone or home phone. Your customers will never know that you aren’t at your desk unless you choose to tell them. This allows you to maintain a fully-professional phone presentation at all times.

Are You Expanding Your Call-Handling Capabilities?

If so, you’ll be glad to know that VoIP service doesn’t require separate phone lines. Instead, it works through hardwired broadband internet connections. Therefore, if your call center workstations are going to be connected to the internet, you essentially get a free ride when it comes to your phone connectivity. With landlines, on the other hand, you would have to install phone cables along with your internet cables.

Do You Have Major Seasonal Changes in Call Volume?

The flexibility of VoIP plans makes it easy to keep up with both increases and decreases in the number of telephone workers your business has. Providers include hosted PBX services in their plans, so all you need to do to add or remove extensions is log in and enter the needed information. This is far easier than having to deal with complicated onsite PBX hardware.

VoIP is also great for seasonal businesses because it’s easy to change your minute allowance. Just log in, select the plan with the number of minutes you need, and confirm the action. You can change it again whenever you want.

Do You Need to be Able to Customize Your Plan’s Features?

Many business phone customers complain that their landline providers only offer non-basic features as parts of larger packages. The problem is that these packages are often laden with features you don’t need, and this unnecessarily increases costs. With good VoIP providers, there are no prepackaged bundles of features. Instead, you choose the ones you want from a large list. You never get stuck with features you’ll never use.

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, it’s a good idea to go ahead and switch over to VoIP service. Thanks to the wide range of plans available, you can find one that’s perfect no matter the size of your company. To get some help on choosing a provider and a plan, just contact us. We’ll be glad to suggest solutions for your size and type of business.

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