VoIP Technology Improves Your Company’s Productivity in Significant and Subtle Ways

VoIP technology has already saved many companies with significant money by getting away from phone companies. Even so, your company has perhaps sat on the fence about getting this digital phone technology out of one fear: How productive it’ll make you.

Switching to new technology isn’t always easy, yet transitioning to VoIP is one of the easiest transitions you’ll ever do. As intimidating as it is to make a change, you’ll discover VoIP increases your productivity to levels you never expected.

In many cases, the productivity levels are immediately noticeable, though others are more subtle. Sometimes the smallest things can improve an employee’s work life. VoIP works well for every department and improves their jobs in more ways than just a few.

It’s a chance to finally make your employees feel more comfortable, including letting them finally work outside the office. The latter can happen through specific VoIP features that regular phone services don’t allow.

Huffington Post recently noted the increasing benefits of VoIP, and they specifically featured how easy the technology is to use for multitasking. Because you’re free of having to use landline phones, you no longer have to hold a receiver while talking to customers or associates.

With a busy workload, how many times have you grown frustrated trying to do other tasks while holding a phone to your ear?

In today’s office, moving around is usually necessary to get other things done and perhaps find information. Because VoIP equipment usually only requires wireless headsets, your employees can freely roam around the office and still take or make calls.

Now they can get more work done if some of their work is physical. Being glued to a desk may once and for all become an archaic office practice.

Having a Centralized Database

When you invest in cloud VoIP services, you get a centralized place where data is already available on a computer screen. Since VoIP works directly through your existing Internet line, you get all your caller data available in one place. It prevents your call agents from having to run around finding information, regardless of the wireless headsets.

Employees ultimately increase their productivity being able to push one button to answer a call or to find pertinent data on a customer. The latter is going to appreciate this as well to save them time having to wait on the line.

Creating Extensions for Productivity Out of the Office

We’re living in an age were working on mobile devices outside the office is mostly mainstream. In addition, employees working from home has become preferable to allow for productive work life in a more comfortable environment.

You can expand on this with VoIP thanks to many providers allowing an app to create extensions on smartphones. This means you can add your business number to your mobile device and receive customer calls while at home. Likewise, an employee can make outbound calls using your business number, essentially eliminating any need to visit the office.

No doubt your employees already find it more convenient working from home (especially if they have families), hence getting more work done in the process.

Conferencing Ability to Save Time on Meetings

There isn’t anything stifling productivity more than having to call lengthy meetings. When no one has the time to meet collectively in-person, how do you work around this?

VoIP gives you voice and video conferencing to allow for digital meetings so you don’t have to meet in person. With improved audio on voice conferencing (and hi-def capability on video conferences), you can share ideas to get everyone coordinated without losing excessive work time.

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