VoIP: What Is it and Why Do I Want It?

If you are part of a business, you may have heard of a concept called VoIP. VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is a rather ingenious alternative to using regular, landline business phones. Although it’s been around for a while, VoIP is still considered a forward-thinking technological choice, and for numerous reasons. Unfortunately, so many people still don’t know about VoIP, and many more have heard about it but don’t quite understand what it means. Here is a little about what VoIP is, and a few benefits that might be of help to your company.

The basics

Voice over Internet Protocol is really just want it sounds like. Instead of using landlines and business phones, you connect a headset or other device directly to your computer. Every time an employee makes a call, it goes out over the internet and then is routed by a company to the correct recipient. Whenever a call for an employee comes in, the call is routed through the internet to their computer. Whenever calls are made within the company, or two communicating parties both use VoIP systems, no call even has to be made over landlines. It simply becomes a computer-to-computer conversation over the internet. Let’s look at a few specific reasons that you might want to use a system like this.


Believe it or not, a VoIP system is actually often cheaper than a standard business phone. This is because a business phone comes with a lot of extra costs. You have to pay for each phone, of course, plus the cost of cabling and maintenance, and you also have to pay hefty phone bills every month. All of these expenses can add up, however, a VoIP system has considerably fewer costs. For example, most of the equipment you need is already owned by your company. You don’t need a fancy phone unit, you just need a computer with a decent sound card and a headset or similar device. You’ll need an internet connection, of course, but every business has had that for decades, and the one you have currently will probably work just fine. It’s actually pretty surprising how much money switching to a VoIP system can save you, even over night.

Less hassle

If your business is like a lot of others, your phone system consistently causes you problems. Traditional business phone systems can be a little tough to handle, because there is so much to them. Many businesses even hire someone specifically to run the phone system. How much time and money could you save if you used a system that ran itself, and didn’t completely confuse your employees every time they tried to use a new feature?

More efficient collaboration and communication

One of the greatest things about a VoIP system is the increased ability to collaborate. A standard phone system can only transmit audio, and sometimes even that doesn’t work, but when you connect your phone system through the internet instead, you gain the ability to transmit all sorts of other things, from video to slide shows to screen shares.

Lots of extra features

VoIP systems have so much more flexibility than a standard landline system, and they show it through their features. These systems get more and more powerful every day. In fact, a VoIP system can probably do many of the things you’ve been wishing for from your traditional business system for years.

Are you interested in learning more about what VoIP means and what it can do for your company? Please, contact us. We’re experts on the subject, and we can answer any questions, and even get you started in the right direction if you decide that VoIP is right for your company.

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