Vonage Vs. magicJack

Both Vonage and magicJack offer VoIP services for businesses. You can sign up for service and access inexpensive phone service that helps your business accomplish more and reach more people. With VoIP service, you can reduce your phone costs and access a variety of different features and integrations with other software.

Vonage and magicJack both market their services to small businesses and solopreneurships, with some services that could interest small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). If you own an SMB, you may prioritize saving money and still accessing business-friendly phone features when you sign up for service. Vonage and magicJack can both help with these needs, although there are some significant differences between the two companies.

Advantages of VoIP Services:

  • Reduce phone costs
  • Access software integrations that work with your phone service
  • Benefit from business-friendly features and functionality

VoIP services can revolutionize your business, if you are still relying on plain old phone service (POTS) technology. Vonage and magicJack both offer solid phone plans and services to help you with your work.

In this article, we will help you compare these two VoIP vendors and find out which service is best for your business. We will discuss features, equipment, software integrations and more. We will also look at what is included with each plan and how you can get started with phone service.

Article Contents:

  1. Vonage and magicJack VoIP Phone Service
  2. Features Comparison of Vonage and magicJack
  3. What Equipment Do I Need for Vonage and magicJack VoIP Service?
  4. Which VoIP Service is Right for My Business?

1. Vonage and magicJack VoIP Phone Service

If you are shopping around for VoIP service, both Vonage and magicJack offer a range of great features for your SMB. You have choices available regarding features, functionality, plans and pricing. To help you make your decision, we will compare the two vendors and discuss the differences and similarities between their features.

Vonage Business

Vonage offers a variety of different features that are business-oriented. You can access cloud-hosted private branch exchange (PBX) services, analytics, virtual extensions, call monitoring, a VoIP app and other features that are popular with businesses that have high call volumes and need a lot of functionality from their business communications systems. This service helps you save money on the cost of a business communications system, particularly if you switch from a POTS system.


If you are looking for a more affordable solution with basic phone features for your business, then magicJack may be the right fit for your business. Compared with Vonage, magicJack’s service is more oriented to smaller businesses, with lower-priced plans that offer just basic business phone features. Your business can generate significant savings with this service.

2. Features Comparison of Vonage and magicJack

Vonage and magicJack both offer useful features for businesses, but Vonage’s service is designed more for the needs of bigger SMBs. magicJack caters more toward the needs of soloprenuers and smaller SMBs.

Vonage Business

Vonage offers more than 40 built-in features with their service, with additional services available as add-ons at extra costs. With scalable features, you can add functionality as your business grows or begins using phone service more. You can sign up for month-to-month contracts, too, which can help you avoid committing for a lengthy contract.

Some Basic Vonage Business Features:

  • Caller ID
  • Call Announce
  • Admin Portal
  • Voicemail
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Multiple Devices on One Extension
  • Desktop App
  • Mobile App
  • Call Waiting
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Call Blocking
  • Call Conference

Premium Vonage Business Features:

  • Virtual Mailbox
  • Vonage Visual Voicemail
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Local or Geographic Number
  • Call Queue
  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Continuity
  • Conference Bridge
  • Paging Group
  • Paperless Fax
  • Main Company Number

Vonage offers premium features that are available at additional costs or with an upgraded phone plan. Paying more to get these features may be worthwhile if they are important to your business. For many somewhat bigger SMBs, it makes sense to have added features such as call monitoring and toll free numbers. You may improve the image of your business and you may appear larger as an organization.


This VoIP service offers affordable home phone service or small business service through VoIP. As such, the service is very low-cost and offers only limited features. You can access basics such as voicemail and conference calls. If your business needs more services and features, you may need a different vendor. magicJack is significantly cheaper than typical Vonage plans, however, so your business can save a significant amount of money with this vendor.

Some magicJack features:

  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Free 411
  • Softphone via App
  • Conference Calls

For additional features and functionality such as international phone minutes, you may need to pay more. magicJack’s service may be more useful for solopreneurs than for bigger SMBs. If you need multiple extensions, call monitoring, auto-attendants or other more advanced features, you may need a different VoIP service vendor.

3. What Equipment Do I Need for Vonage and magicJack VoIP Service?

For VoIP service, you generally need softphones, handset or headset phones that are SIP compatible or analog phones with an analog telephone adapter (ATA) and some sort of Internet connection. Vonage and magicJack can both advise you on specific equipment you would need for their VoIP services. With an ATA, you can use old-fashioned phones by plugging them into your adapter and Internet connection. Softphones or SIP compatible phones are other options.

Vonage Business

In many cases, Vonage allows you to keep your old VoIP phones or other phones, but it depends. It is worthwhile to check with Vonage directly to find out what they recommend. You can also get your phones directly from Vonage if you are looking for new phones that are plug-and-play with Vonage VoIP services. Vonage also offers technical support with getting your new business phone system online. Depending on the features you need, too, you may upgraded equipment.


magicJack’s phone service works by providing you with an ATA and softphone access via an app. You can connect your existing phone to the ATA and also make and receive calls through the softphone, as needed. You must purchase an ATA.

4. Which VoIP Service is Right for My Business?

Comparing features, your business may benefit more from Vonage or magicJack. It may depend on what type of business you have, how big it is, how much call volume you have and other factors. Pricing may also be a consideration for many businesses, so we will briefly consider that as well.

Vonage Business

Vonage offers plans at $29.99 per month per line and $39.99 per month per line for business features.


magicJack offers service plans for $35 a year, or about $3 a month. You must also purchase an ATA from magicJack, which then includes a free year of service.

Making Your Decision

It can be hard to decide, but in this situation you may need to think carefully about the types of features and functionality your business really needs. Consider carefully what your budget for business communications services is and what types of features you would like to include. You can put together a list of features to compare, first, and begin thinking of questions to ask your vendor. Consider any hidden costs, equipment costs, add-ons and recurring expenses in your decision.

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