Vonage’s Rise: An Investor’s Choice for Excellence

Vonage’s Rise: An investor’s choice for excellence

Vonage is a telecom company with several branches, ranging from VoIP to AIP applications. In the wake of Tech Crunch’s Disrupt conference, Vonage is making some serious waves in tech. Vonage’s stock values have spiked over the last few days. Investors are reexamining their opinions of Vonage shares. The consensus is that the company has spent too long undervalued. Now investors are reexamining the way they approach Vonage, whose shares may well be over 9.00 per share before the end of this year.

With all this buzz surrounding the overall market value of Vonage, we had to take a look at what goes on behind the scenes. What innovations are giving Vonage this cutting edge advantage? Where are they going moving forward into the latter half of this year?

Omnichannel’s: Nexmo’s biggest new move

Nexmo is one of Vonage’s largest subsidiary brands. As the API platform of choice, Nexmo provides a large variety to communications. The end goal is to revolutionize the way communications are conducted.

We have to say they are making some serious headway. Nexmo was one of the features of Tech Crunch’s envy Disrupt conference. We’re still waiting for breaks on what the Nexmo performance was at this conference. Nexmo offers us so much promise already that we know, for a resounding fact, we will not be disappointed.

Omnichannel in Nexmo is Vonage’s newest, by far most creative, development. Opening secure multi-modems adds to the consumer experience with a solid kick. Full-featured inbound marketing at its finest, Nexmo’s ominichannels are easy to use and give customers the option to contact customer support from even third parties-like Twitter.

Focus on CPaaS

CPaaS is an acronym for “Communications Platform as a service”. Vonage is finding a new stride tempo. In like rhythm, they are honing their customer service top priority. CPaaS has become a central focus of Vonage Business, which is a publication put out by the Vonage Holdings company.

In the wake of disaster

Disaster naturally brings people together. That is the only good outcome of cumbersome realities.

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many Eastern Seaboard residents are suffering an insurance adjustor deficit. These problems have made mainstream headlines. What has not been recognized in the mainstream is a simple solution.

CPaaS is making breakthroughs to cut down the litigations of insurance customers angered by delays. The Irma storm path situation is a perplexing one. Many of the insurance claims stretch expenses beyond the normal range in like cases. With water related damages, many homeowners fear that the repairs required will only increase in complexity with mildew buildup.

The massive amount of requests is backing up chain insurance agencies. Citizens of the hurricane devastation path are turning to independent insurance adjusters for help now. These individuals make note that they receive over 15 emails per day-a high amount of requests for an independent service provider. With the need pressing down, many of these insurance adjusters are exceeding their communication capacities. After all, there are only so many tweets and DMs one person can answer.

Vonage focuses on its CPaaS services extensively. From January of this year on, Vonage has tightened up its endeavors to ramp up CPaaS and similar services (like Unified communications as a service or UCaaS).

For retailers

Communications companies like Vonage recognize the rapidly changing way communication is absorbed. Because of the digital breakthrough, concrete retailers are suffering profoundly. Incidentally, some reports state this period of our century as the “Retail Apocalypse”. The ripple effect impact sent shock waves up Vonage’s spine. They chose to act on it.

Vonage offers VoIP to the rock steady

Retailers are set in stone when it comes to marketing traditions. Many of them feel this retailer suffering is a storm they should just try to ride out. Sales will eventually pick up just as they’ve always done, won’t they?

When retailers are so set in their ways, they sometimes fail to see that there are simple, affordable solutions to their upgrade reluctance. Venture Beat’s recent reports cite omnichannel options-like the “beautiful Matilda” we have found in Nexmo- are channeling growth back to them. Online stores for our traditional retail brands are thriving, they say. Vonage makes these growth options rock steady.

Above and beyond

Unfortunately, the trouble with digital store growth is that retailers cannot function only on internet store sales. The whole purpose of preserving brick and mortar locations is ensuring customers are coming in and shopping.

Traditional retail chains are declaring bankruptcy by powers of 10. This is a seriously disconcerting notion when you adhere solely to this “retailer apocalypse” narrative. Retail is changing in rapid-fire ways. Should the powers in tech start building bridges between the virtual world and the traditional, this fearful forecast will not transpire.

Vonage has this charitable mindset.

Staples is one such company that received Vonage’s detailed attention.

Vonage is one of the IBM companies giving Staples and IoT makeover. Is there a more iconic retail marketing prop than the Staples “easy button”? If not before, then certainly after Vonage is through with it.

Staples sells audio easy buttons that quote the static “that was easy” tagline to you, for stress relief. With IoT, the easy button will become a reality for order placement. The automated easy button will use Wi-Fi so it can be ported almost anywhere, including straight inside the Staple’s brick and mortar locations. This would be useful for in-store locator devices. It would make customer experience within a brick-and-mortar institution much simpler.

The easy button will incorporate VoIP’s many features to work with webmail, popular messaging services, and phone. It will work by allowing an auto-attendant to walk customers through a major portion of their purchasing process. When additional service is needed, the VoIP device will connect the customer to the proper sales rep for the job. Vonage Nexmo powers this clever innovation, acting as the perfect speakerphone converter so that more than one customer at a time can receive help.

 For real estate

Vonage thinks of everything. Retailers are constantly hanging onto to ringers and pagers. Their lives revolve around steady communications. Vonage knows this struggle intimately. They’ve worked to provide retailers with steady options for communications.

Commonly, VoIP services are referred to as “a relator’s best friend”. Relators consider VoIP their link to making a rock-star impression on clients. These same relators also state that their clients work with “the most responsive agent” 44% of the time, making VoIP indispensable in the pursuit of better prospects.

Which is why Vonage customers are fortunate the Vonage Business team takes such specific interest in how their service effects relators.

Hosting with the most

Vonage is making itself steadily accessible as a conference host. This week they will use their multi-faceted systems to webcast Doughtery and Company’s Investor presentation. Within the last week, Vonage was a host for Android Summit.

Vonage continues to build its tech community presence with constant hosting ops such as this. For a communications company, this is the wisest move in securing b2b in roads. What better way to make yourself available to others in like industry than to serve them as customers on the conference level? Vonage shows its corporate culture savvy in this way.

Only the best

Vonage Essentials sales are always focused on truly selling quality in the voice over portion of their CPaaS service. They work so that they own any problems in the system, should these arise. This makes their service the best available because it has the least liability behind it.

Customer quality is a wearisome topic for some consumers. You’re promised only the best, by everyone. How do you know when a service candidate is making that claim legitimately?

Company transparency is a good litmus test. Vonage is focused heavily on customers in their recent culture reforms. Vonage Business visits many conferences and summits to better train their developers. They recently toured PennApps and met with rising talents of developer brilliance.

It is this innate curiosity and people investment that makes Vonage an ideal candidate.

Education for eager buyers

Vonage is a customer-centric company, as a general rule. With Vonage Promotions, the company provides a window of direct education on purchasing decisions for eager customers. Evidently, this is the reason why 3,000 companies make the switch to Vonage per month.

Vonage’s promotions offer a special deal for North American plans which costs less than 10 dollar per month.

International Plans

The benefits of Vonage within North America alone would be enough to make the switch. Now they offer affordable plans for international communications. With Vonage World Plan, you can make international VoIP calls for free. They offer other specific plans for international service which are luckily highly affordable in their own right.

Vonage Extensions App

This service allows you to route Vonage number calls straight to your smartphone. Highly convenient for when you need to answer a work network call when you’re on the sidewalk café bound.

The cloud with the golden lining

Some companies hide behind the hype that cycles around them. Others deserve the buzz. Vonage falls into the latter camp of actual deserving all the brand worthiness.

Vonage has had a robust summer performance especially in the month of August. Over the last few years, Vonage has developed strong acquisitions, like the Nexmo brand, and truly focused on high-minded goals. Living up to each of them, Vonage continues to innovate in customer interest above everything.

There are many other options you can take. That is the problem in today’s culture. The torment of choice makes your selection job too difficult.

Vonage is growing exponentially. We believe we will only see it grow more. It will soon overtake its own goals with the power of eager customers behind it.

This is why we have dubbed Vonage the “cloud with the golden lining”. There is real opportunity for you here as a business, as an individual service provider, as a small team, etc.

The world as we know it and the one we will know

No matter who we are, no matter if we are retailers or realtors or tech agents, we know our world is changing. Our business methods are changing. As the world becomes busier, the need for communications opens a vast gap between you and your clients. Find a go-between you can trust. Vonage is a good place to start.

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