What Can Cloud PBX Do For Your Business

A cloud PBX can help your business take advantage of most of the benefits of having a PBX without the high costs that often occur for businesses who decide to purchase or lease access to a physical, onsite PBX box. This allows you to have the same VoIP service features and functionality of a much larger business without the price tag and level of responsibility.

  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX): A system that manages the switching and functionality of a business phone system and fully-featured business phone service without the help of human operators. Essentially, a modern automatic switchboard of sorts. Businesses can use one of these to power their business phone system. The more complex a business phone service is, the more essential it becomes to have a great PBX available.
  • Cloud: A cloud-hosted system is kept offsite and maintained by a vendor on behalf of the subscriber. The vendor takes responsibility for maintenance and provides use of the PBX remotely by the customer. Your vendor hosts the PBX functionality on their servers and uses their own IT personnel to keep the system working properly. This can help your company save money and get started with using a fully-featured business telephone system quickly.

With a cloud PBX, your business gets a powerful VoIP phone system that is flexible and can be adapted to a variety of different business needs. Cloud-hosted services provide an “out-of-the-box” service that your organization can start using right away. You can also ask your vendor for customization and integrations, so you can adapt the service to what your organization needs the most. Your PBX is a key part of the telephone system since it does the work of routing calls and managing the phone system as a whole, so it is crucial to choose the right PBX.

Article Contents:

  1. All About PBX Systems
  2. The Benefits of Cloud PBX Service
  3. Getting Started

In this article, we’ll talk about how PBX systems can help your organization and how to start implementing a PBX service at your business, plus we’ll offer a few additional considerations to apply during the process.

1. All About PBX Systems

Your PBX is the “brain” of your business VoIP system that allows you to benefit from many of the amazing features of VoIP. Many businesses use a PBX box, an onsite unit that hosts the PBX functionality and does all of the routing work in-house for the organization’s phone system. Now that cloud-based services are becoming more widely available, though, it is becoming much more common for many companies to use a cloud-hosted PBX service offered by their VoIP vendors. Using this service has several distinct advantages, particularly for small businesses.

In the past, the functions performed by a PBX system were done by human switchboard operators running a business phone system manually. Besides being less efficient, this type of setup also didn’t offer as many features or the same level of service quality that today’s VoIP and PBX systems can offer. With landline service and switchboards, advanced phone features were largely inaccessible for most smaller organizations and larger businesses were the only organizations that could consistently benefit from them. Landline systems lack many of the features and benefits of VoIP.

With VoIP service now fairly common, it’s much easier to establish a call center or contact center for your business. This is what makes PBX functionality essential–PBX systems provide the phone traffic management and routing that makes call centers as we know them possible. Thanks in a large part to these technologies, remote work and better communication are becoming a bigger part of today’s business world.

2. The Benefits of Cloud PBX Service

Cloud-based PBX services have distinct advantages over traditional onsite self-hosted systems. For instance:

  • Cost: Cloud-hosted PBX systems are offsite and don’t require you to purchase expensive equipment upfront in order to take advantage of PBX functions. Instead, you can simply lease use of a PBX from your vendor. Your costs are all centered into one predictable bill for recurring service. This makes it much easier for small businesses to get on-board with PBX and VoIP phone service.
  • Reduced Responsibility: If you are trying to minimize your own efforts on maintenance, IT support for the system, etc., then cloud-hosted PBX systems could have a lot of great advantages for your business. You are still officially responsible for your use, of course, so for fiduciary and legal responsibility you still absolutely have duties and responsibilities. But, you can relax knowing the hassle and effort of maintenance is taken care of through outsourcing these activities to your VoIP vendor.
  • Features: Get the advanced features you want by having a cloud-hosted system. If you don’t have the budget for an onsite PBX box or don’t want to commit to one, having an offsite and hosted system can help you access the same great features. For instance, if you want to have a call center, you’ll need a system to create call queues and send the right calls to each agent at the right time. PBX systems connect it all together and keep it organized.
  • Adaptability: Adapt your system quickly. For instance, if you need to quickly add or subtract phone lines, a cloud-hosted system can help you with that. You have control of your system through admin and user online panels that give you access to system settings. You can often easily dial-in remotely, too, and have access to your PBX to make the right changes whenever it’s relevant to you.
  • Expertise: If you don’t have the in-house technical expertise to keep a PBX system maintained and operational, it’s a good idea to enlist outside help in the form of a cloud-hosted PBX subscription. These services can fill in the gap for you and have experts always managing your system, including any upgrades and investment in improvements you need. It’s yet another thing you can outsource to make your organization more efficient.

3. Getting Started

Now, if you’re ready to get started, you may want to consider these factors in your decision:

  • Investment: If you’re already invested in a PBX because you already own the equipment, then a cloud-hosted service may not necessarily save you money. You’ve already made the financial commitment and should consider figuring out ways to meaningfully recoup some or all of the cost that you put in.
  • Customized Needs: Cloud-hosting does allow a great degree of customization, but you want to be sure your vendor has some expertise in your industry and is able to provide you with the customization you need for your business. If they are unprepared for that, you may be better off with your own PBX system on site or with a different vendor altogether.
  • Organization Size: While small businesses likely will benefit tremendously from a cloud-hosted system, large organizations with higher call volumes may not. These companies should consider the benefits an onsite PBX can offer. For one thing, complete control of the phone system. Another benefit–reduced costs on high call volumes, where it makes sense to cut out the middleman and simply host your own PBX.


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