What does the future of VoIP look like?

If you own a business, then you know what Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is, whether you use the technology or not. While around for well over a decade, you’ve maybe resisted acquiring it out of misconceptions about its cost and installation process. Most of those ideas you’ve had about VoIP are wrong because it doesn’t cost a fortune, and it’s one of the easiest technologies to install.

Now is a good time to invest in VoIP for your workplace because new projections have growth going into the stratosphere. Recent reports have VoIP soaring to a $194 billion value by 2024. This goes on a worldwide scale, though North America took up 27% of the market last year.

How this helps you is VoIP continues to evolve and add new features as time goes on. Yet, many things stay consistent like flat-rate pricing per month, plus classic features like digital assistant, business number extensions, and conferencing abilities.

But what will VoIP look like in the near future? What technologies can we expect will stay the same or become better? Let’s look ahead and see why VoIP is the perfect investment for you.


Faster Internet to Make VoIP Operate Better

By 2024, we’ll likely see faster Internet speeds than we’re currently enjoying. Since VoIP only depends on an Internet line to work, installation time is extremely easy and less time-consuming than any other phone technology. As a result, installation time will never change, unless we completely reinvent how Internet gets delivered.

High-speed Internet lines are already fast enough to make VoIP a very efficient system to handle all your outbound and inbound calls. Just imagine how fast your phone service would become with an Internet speed twice as fast in another eight years.

It’s why investing in VoIP now is a good choice to catch the fast-moving evolutionary wave.

Better Mobile Capabilities

Most VoIP providers already provide an app you can use on mobile devices to create business number extensions. Expect this to keep improving and become standard by the next decade. As we increasingly see more people work out of the office and in the home, this can become even more possible with enhanced VoIP extension features.

Before long, an office won’t have to exist as a direct workplace. Everyone can easily take and make calls from their homes or during world travels, all while still running a business.

Improved Conferencing Abilities

It’s taken a while, yet voice and video conferencing have become more standard through VoIP services. Voice conferencing was around first, with digital audio now being mainstream. Regardless, digital still has room for improvement. You’ll likely see voice conferencing sounding incredibly lifelike by 2024. It’s already close to this now through some of the best-known VoIP companies.

The same goes with video conferencing, something that’s vastly improved in just five years. Faster Internet and evolved camera technology prevents video freezes and other issues. In 2024, video conferencing through VoIP will likely be as standard as voice mail. It’ll make in-person meetings completely unnecessary thanks to possible 4K (or 5K) video resolution.

Pricing Compared to Landline Phone Companies

Within the next decade, don’t be surprised if regular phone companies start to add or merge with VoIP providers to survive. As VoIP continues to grow in businesses, many businesses realize the savings they could have had much earlier.

Even if landline phones are still around in limited supply by 2024, expect to continue to pay more to phone companies. VoIP will always be more affordable because it doesn’t require any bulky equipment or maintenance. Wireless technology like phone headsets will become more refined and never a liability expense.

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