What is Click2Call? 

Click2Call is a unique technology available to VoIP subscribers. It can help you reach more customers and get high-quality inbound sales leads.

This feature actually creates two calls at the same time. First, your customer clicks a link or enters their phone number when prompted. Then, the Click2Call app creates a connection between the two calls as a “middleman” and then drops away, leaving the two parties connected in a phone conversation.

This tool has many potential uses. Sales teams can use their websites to generate sales calls from web traffic. Calls can go to other phone numbers, such as home phones or call center phones, but the customer will see the company’s name and phone number on their caller ID systems. Click2Call can also help customers overcome psychological barriers to initiating sales calls.

Click2Call can help with:

  • converting online sales leads
  • overcoming objections
  • getting more inbound sales calls

Once your Click2Call system is ready to use, it can be a powerful sales tool for your organization and a great companion to your marketing and lead generation efforts. This technology is very flexible and can be used to reach different prospect audiences, generate sales for your company regardless of industry and can improve the quality of inbound leads your sales team has access to.

How does Click2Call work?

Click2Call allows either the VoIP subscriber or a user interacting with a Click2Call online app to start a new phone call. Just like with traditional phones, this technology connects two phone numbers. Unlike a traditional phone call, Click2Call uses VoIP and allows the subscriber to choose a phone number while presenting the customer’s caller ID with the name and a main number from the company.

If the subscriber initiates the call, they can use a home or other phone number and choose a main number to display as the outbound phone. The subscriber calls one number out of a list already programmed into the VoIP account.

If the customer is initiating the call, they can provide a phone number in the dialog box as prompted by the website and be called directly as Click2Call connects them with the subscriber.

In other words, Click2Call can systematically connect online communication to phone calls and allow subscribers to route phone traffic through a main number while using other phone numbers and lines.

1. Convert online sales leads to customers

The Click2Call feature can help customers visiting your website quickly initiate a phone conversation with a call center agent or member of your sales team. These are high-quality inbound leads.

Online customers are passively interacting with your product information. In order to convert prospects browsing your website into new customers, you need them to become phone leads. You need to convince shoppers to provide their phone numbers and initiate a phone call.

Click2Call leads are already viewing your website, interacting with your product or service’s information and initiated the phone call with your sales team on their own. This technology helps you find more warm leads and connect with them directly. Your customers are people who are already somewhat familiar with and interested in your products, so they are further along in the sales process and likely more interested than cold call leads.

2. Use Click2Call to overcome customer objections

By helping your customers overcome objections and psychological barriers to talking by phone with a sales agent, Click2Call may help you generate more inbound sales calls. Customers can quickly and easily connect to a member of your sales team, making it more likely that they will call you.

Some objections are purely psychological and have little to do with your product, pricing or offers. These objections are reactions and thoughts customers have when they visit your website.

Psychological reactions you can overcome:

  • Difficulty navigating your website
  • Fear of calling your phone number
  • Unfamiliarity with your product
  • Not enough motivation to call, send an email or complete a multi-step process to contact your organization

Click2Call technology connects your sales page, which is designed to create a sales funnel from different web traffic sources, into direct phone calls. Visitors coming from social media, hyperlinks or direct traffic have few distractions–the Click2Call app on your website brings them immediately to a phone call with your team.

Click2Call overcomes these objections:

  • “I don’t know who to call.” Simply clicking a hyperlink or entering a phone number into a dialog box generates a phone call.
  • “I need more information first.” Your customers have at-a-glance information about your products or services on your website during the call. A pop-up or dialog box gets their attention quickly and makes it easier to call.
  • “Calling takes too much effort.” Calling your sales team is as easy as entering a phone number and clicking a button.

Making it easier for customers to call you may result in significantly more inbound sales leads. These warm leads are ready to communicate with your sales agents so you can make more sales.

3. Get more inbound sales calls

Online customers are passively interacting with your product information. In order to convert prospects browsing your website into new customers, you need them to become phone leads. You need to convince shoppers to provide their phone numbers and initiate a phone call. Click2Call’s use of VoIP technology connects your online customers to your call center or sales desk instantly.

Inbound leads are typically higher-quality than cold leads, but can be more difficult to find. With a great sales page that converts customers, you can convince visitors to provide their phone numbers and agree to interact with your sales team.

New customers may request a call and they do not need to pick up their phones to call you. They can request a call using your app and be connected directly and quickly, giving your agents the opportunity to talk with these new customers before they lose interest or leave your website. This process can prevent you from losing web visitors and can help you make the sale while your prospects are still online browsing your website.

Bottom Line: Click2Call is a Strong Sales Tool

Using VoIP to make outbound calls and receive inbound calls makes sense for many companies, and using a Click2Call app can help you drive visitor traffic directly into phone calls with your sales team.

Tips to Get More Inbound Sales Calls with Click2Call

Here are seven quick tips to get the most from using a Click2Call system.

  1. Optimize your landing and sales pages. Wherever visitor traffic is landing at your website, you need strong design and great copy to direct people to contact you.
  2. Choose a main phone number for caller ID systems to “see.” Using your Click2Call app, you can route traffic through this number.
  3. Make your sales “ask” easy to see and read.
  4. Limit distractions on your website so visitors are not tempted to look away or avoid your Click2Call app pop-up.
  5. Use a pop-up dialog box to ask customers’ permission for a call.
  6. Track your website traffic and compare it with conversion rates for your Click2Call app. From there, compare your actual sales conversion numbers.
  7. Be willing to make changes to your site regularly as you study your traffic and conversion rates. True optimization can take time and plenty of research.

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