What Types of Businesses Need Nextiva’s VoIP Solutions?

There are so many different communication methods available to people in modern times, it’s hard for businesses to unify these methods within their workforce, and meet customer expectations as well. Communication needs differ among businesses, of course, which means every solution is relatively unique. So, what types of businesses need Nextiva’s VoIP solutions?

Sales and Marketing Services

B2C and B2B businesses are on the front line of needing a unified communications VoIP solution. Nextiva is a premier VoIP provider and service, offering hosted and virtual VoIP services for any sized business. Sales and marketing businesses and services, especially, would greatly benefit from the enhanced capabilities and flexibility offered by Nextiva’s VoIP service.

Nextiva also sells IP phones and devices to get a business started, or can integrate with existing IP phones, devices, and systems (CRM systems, Skype, Zendesk). Businesses selling either a product or a service directly to consumer (B2C) or B2B, can use a VoIP service to streamline their workflow with features such as:

    • Voicemail to Email
    • Virtual Receptionist
    • Auto-Attendant
    • Local and Toll-free number
    • Unlimited Calling
    • Flexible Forwarding
    • Cloud PBX
    • Advanced Call Management
    • Music on Hold
    • Nextiva Mobile App
    • Conference Bridge
    • 24/7 Support Desk
    • Cloud Backup
    • Nextiva Drive
    • Nextiva Anywhere
    • Analytic Reporting

And more…with an affordable monthly subscription fee, paid either monthly or annually. For sales and marketing organizations, VoIP solutions from Nextiva will bring unified communications for optimized and streamlined workflow processes.

Businesses Catering to B2B Customers with Tangible Products

Wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturing types of businesses, with a tangible product to sell and a warehouse to manage, also would benefit from VoIP solutions. There’s a big need for these businesses to manage communications with their loyal B2B customers, and use it to gain new ones. VoIP solutions enhance CRM systems, while bringing more capabilities to the sales and marketing department.

With Nexitva’s VoIP solutions, day-to-day management of operations – from the warehouse to remote sales teams – would be upgraded with new tools and features, designed to streamline workforce collaboration and improve customer relations. For instance, Nextiva’s Cloud Drive is a secure, encrypted, cloud storage location where documents can be shared through email with select team members; this unifies workforce purpose and understanding for client  and project management.

Professional Services

These type of businesses often have only one person (or a limited workforce) running day-to-day operations. They’re also very dependent upon their office equipment and systems to serve their clients. Customer relationship management is important, but the flow of clients is lower than retail businesses. These factors indicate that professional services businesses would greatly benefit from VoIP solutions.

One of the beneficial aspects of VoIP service from Nextiva, is the prices are determined by the amount of users and the features needed. This means: if a professional service wants all the benefits of VoIP service, the rates are much lower than any competing landline phone system. Also, the smaller workforce and lack of products to handle, means a virtual cloud based VoIP service could be used to streamline communication systems even more.


SMBs of all types are transitioning over to VoIP telephony solutions, integrating cloud and mobile computing and unified communications into their day-to-day workflows. Businesses in sales, marketing, distribution, and professional services, would all benefit from partnering with Nextiva’s VoIP solutions; their workforce and customer management would have the tools needed to streamline systems and workflow, through enhanced integration and communications tools.

Nextiva’s VoIP solutions offer businesses more than a telephone system; it’s a comprehensive communications system that integrates with popular business systems and existing IP phone equipment. This integration means businesses benefit from data automation and collaboration within systems, in order to: serve customers better, unify workforce understanding, and gain telephony business intelligence.

Top10VoIPList.com is here to help our readers learn more about Nextiva’s VoIP solutions. Nextiva is the number one recommended VoIP provider on our list, and this article explains some of the reasons why. To learn more about Nextiva or VoIP providers and services, please contact us today.

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