Which VoIP Phone Service is Best for Small and Medium Businesses?

There’s no need to run a giant company to get the many benefits of VoIP phone services. In fact, smaller companies will typically see these benefits right away. Therefore, many of these businesses have decided to switch. By doing so, they can see the end of long-distance charges, per-call fees, and complicated PBX systems. However, getting the best results requires knowing which VoIP phone service is best for your small or medium business. Here are some of the most important features to look for and which company can provide them:

The very way VoIP works will save you money on installation. That’s because it runs through your hardwired broadband connection instead of phone lines. Since you won’t have to install separate wiring for your phones, you’ll be able to expand your phone system much more cheaply than would otherwise be possible.

This, however, isn’t the only way VoIP saves your company money. Our preferred provider, Nextiva, doesn’t have any per-call charges. It also doesn’t charge extra for long-distance calling. These things save your company plenty of money over time, especially if you make a large number of calls or frequently call outside of your immediate area.

Nextiva also saves you money by providing its features singly instead of in bundles. This saves you from having to pay for extras that you’ll never actually use. When compared to some landline providers’ offerings, the savings can be very significant.

Finally, the cost of the VoIP service should be very reasonable. Most providers are cheaper compared to traditional landline companies, but within this field, there are significant differences. We’ve found Nextiva to offer the best prices for each of its standard plan sizes.


Good VoIP providers offer a huge amount of options, and even better, they allow you to change them as your needs evolve. You won’t have to change providers, set up all-new plans, or go through other hassles just to add or drop a feature.

VoIP plans also allow you to easily adjust your extensions as your pool of phone employees grows or shrinks. Since the PBX aspect is hosted by the provider, making these changes is hassle-free and fast.

All you need to do to make changes at a good VoIP provider is log into your account, go to the relevant screen, and enter the new data. Once you confirm your selections or extension changes, you’re set!

These capabilities are good at almost every major provider, but Nextiva takes them to a far higher level. This company offers over 40 individual features to choose from, so you can get a selection that truly meets all of your needs. Some of these features are standard, like call hold and call transfer, while others are more advanced. For example, you can have calls sent to phones outside of your building so that remote personnel can stay connected to your business’ phone system.

Our Pick for Best VoIP Phone Service for Small and Medium Businesses

Choosing the best VoIP provider required comparing its prices, features, and reputation with those of several other providers. Once this was done, there was no doubt that Nextiva is the best of the companies that we’ve reviewed. Therefore, we recommend it for small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for alternatives to traditional landline service. This company also has options for larger businesses, so it can scale up if your business grows.

To learn more about VoIP service, Nextiva, or the other providers we have reviewed, just contact us or visit our site. We’ll be glad to help you get the perfect VoIP plan and features for your company.

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