Which VoIP Phone Service Should You Choose for Your Small or Medium-Sized Business?

There are plenty of VoIP providers out there, but few have all of the features needed for the modern small or medium-sized business. To make sure the one you pick will be a good fit for your company, you should look for the features that will make it easier to do business. These include:

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Modern businesses don’t limit themselves to doing business from set office locations. In fact, many people hire remote workers that aren’t even in the same state as the company! A VoIP service needs to be able to keep up with this mobility. Look for one that can redirect calls to cell phones, home phones, and other non-traditional locations. The provider should be able to do this in a way that is completely invisible to the customers calling in.

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Phone Flexibility

If you already have IP phones and are looking to switch plans, you should look for a provider that works with most models of these phones. This will keep you from having to buy new equipment just to move to a different VoIP company.

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Almost every VoIP provider offers features like standard call forwarding, voice mail, call hold, call waiting, call logs, and similar basics. However, a package that doesn’t offer more features may be too bare-bones for your company. Consider a service that allows you to add extras like caller ID, a dial-by-name directory, push to talk, and seven digit dialing. By choosing a company with plenty of possibilities, you can easily customize the perfect VoIP service package for your business.

The ability to use your VoIP business phone for internet faxing is a feature that’s definitely worth looking for. For many businesses, the need to fax only arises on rare occasions. Because of this, it’s often a waste of money to buy a dedicated fax machine. By choosing a plan with this capability, you will eliminate the hassle of having to go to a copy shop when one of those rare occasions comes about. Instead, you’ll be able to send and receive faxes through your VoIP service.

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Plan Flexibility

VoIP providers often offer more than one plan, but they don’t all offer the same levels of customization. Look for plans that let you choose the amount of minutes included, exactly which features you get – and pay for, and that allow you to change your level as your business needs evolve. This is a key factor we looked at when deciding how to rank services in our VoIP phone service review.

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Low Prices

Many businesspeople know the value of a good price, but it’s worth bringing this idea into conscious thought. This is because with VoIP services, a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean better service or more features. Some providers offer great prices and tons of features, so it’s worth seeking them out.

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An Excellent Track Record

Any service can make itself look good in print, whether that print is on paper or a computer. However, only the best have earned a long record of great customer reviews for reliability, customer service, features, and value. Therefore, it’s worth it to find out which companies fit this description.

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The Bottom Line: Which Service is Best?

Our reviewers examined multiple factors to find which VoIP company provided the best service in all of these categories and more. The hands-down winner is Nextiva. It offers over 45 features, has been in business long enough to have a solid reputation, and its plans start at just $19.99 per month. This makes it a great choice for both small and medium-sized businesses looking for an option that will meet all of their needs.

For a consultation on choosing VoIP features, just contact us. We’ll be glad to help you get set up with a plan that will satisfy your company’s every need.

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