Who are the best Toll Free providers?

Getting a toll free number for your business phone can help you improve your professional image to customers and can also make your callers more interested in calling your business, since they can save money on phone minutes when they call you. A toll free number is something you can put on business cards, list on your website and give out to prospective customers if they need to reach your sales department or if they have questions for you.

VoIP allows you to get a toll free number at a much cheaper rate than you may have ever thought possible. Accessible, feature-packed and friendly, these services offer a ton of features and business-boosting benefits.

Benefits of a Toll Free Number:

  • More Customers—Your customers can call you for free, so you may receive more calls and, in turn, more business when you get a toll free number.
  • Keep Your Number after Relocating—If your business grows and you decide to relocate, you can keep your number. Even if you have to change area codes, your phone number can stay the same and still attract customers.
  • Professional Image—A toll free number looks very professional and may make a small business appear larger. It can also help your organization maintain a professional image and impress prospects.

If you are having trouble choosing a toll free number provider, you are not alone. Many businesses are unsure what provider to use. For this article, we reviewed various phone providers that are available and came up with recommendations that you can refer to when you make your decision.

Article Contents:

  1. Why Does My Business Need a Toll Free Number?
  2. Nextiva
  3. RingCentral
  4. Grasshopper
  5. Phone.com

At the top of the list is Nextiva, and we recommend that every business consider the business communications solutions they offer, including a toll free number service. Nextiva highly recommends getting a toll free number because of the many benefits of this service, and we suggest it, too. To help you shop, we also discuss several other providers in this article. Each provider offers high-quality, low-cost services that can help your business save money, particularly when compared with traditional landline phone service.

Read on for advice on choosing a service that is right for you.

1. Why Does My Business Need a Toll Free Number?

A toll free number can help your business in a number of important ways. It can help your business grow or maintain a professional image. Many people believe that companies with toll free numbers are big, so they tend to assume that organizations using toll free numbers are large, successful brands. Getting this brand image for your company is sometimes as simple as obtaining a business communications system. You will almost instantly appear more successful if you consistently use professional brand elements such as a toll free number and business communications system.

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), it is cheaper and easier than ever to have a toll free phone number. You can quickly and easily get started using this revolutionary phone technology to communicate for your business. VoIP is usually much cheaper than traditional landline phones. Plain old telephone service (POTS) allows you to make phone calls and get a toll free number, but your phone company will probably charge significantly more than a VoIP service because VoIP has little to no maintenance and is much cheaper for phone providers to offer. POTS service is expensive for phone companies to maintain.

2. Nextiva

Nextiva is a top phone service provider and we highly recommend their services for any business. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), in particular, can benefit from their affordable and high-performance phone systems. Businesses can have phone calls directed to cell phones, too, allowing them to take their work on the road. It is a very portable service, since Nextiva offers VoIP and cloud hosted service. With multiple plans available, businesses can also access a range of different features and services at different levels.

With reliable service and 100 percent of all employees in-house, Nextiva also offers award-winning service that is there for customers who run into problems or have support questions.

Nextiva offers these and other features:

  • Cloud Hosted PBX—You can get a private branch exchange that is hosted in the cloud on Nextiva equipment and with their software.
  • Toll Free Numbers—Toll free phone numbers are also available to help your business look more professional, encourage people to call and help improve your image by making your business look significantly larger.
  • Support—You get a company that walks you through the implementation process, helps you get your service working properly and also provides training resources so you can quickly learn how to use your phone system.

3. RingCentral

RingCentral offers a great all-in-one option for businesses looking for phone service providers, too, making it a great option for people who need a flexible VoIP service with a variety of features. Their plans start at $24 per month for business phone service, plus they offer a large number of features, integrations and functionality. You can integrate your system with Dropbox and even bring your own phone system with their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) feature.

RingCentral is a solid choice for businesses looking for a feature-rich system that is low cost. Of course, they also offer toll free numbers, so you can have your customers call for free and you can improve your professional image.

4. Grasshopper

Grasshopper’s service can be used from your cellphone with their app, allowing you to keep your current smartphone when you add business phone functionality. You can get a toll free number, too, allowing you to make the calls you need and receive phone calls to a toll free business phone number. You can keep your current phone number, if you prefer. Like other VoIP services, Grasshopper offers a lot of options to create an on-the-go office. You can have voicemails go to your email account, answer your phone calls on the road and basically work away from the office just as you normally would while onsite.

5. Phone.com

Phone.com is another great low-cost toll free provider for businesses that need a VoIP service. You can get a toll free phone number, a hosted PBX system for your business, click2call features, call transfer and other functionality that you can quickly begin using to benefit your business. VoIP communications make business communications easier to do and they can help you save money as well. It can be highly beneficial for your business to use a business communications system powered by VoIP technology, and the plans offered by phone.com can help you accomplish more of your business goals.

For as little as $9.99 per month, you can begin your business phone system and access basic VoIP features that can help your business to grow. You can get started quickly and implement your business communications system. With their interface, you can manage your system and make administrative changes. As with other VoIP services, you can bring your phone service with you and access your business phone system remotely. With VoIP standard features such as video conferencing, you can empower the growth of your business and continue to expand.

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