Why Are One Billion People Using VoIP in 2018?

As of this year, one billion people now rely on VoIP for their phone service. This is an incredible number and represents a huge change from the early days of VoIP, when low quality and service issues kept people from embracing the technology in the beginning. That is all different now, and for a good reason. VoIP is better than ever and more people are using it now.

So, why the shift from other types of phone service to VoIP? If it does not make sense to you, maybe it is time for an introduction to everything VoIP can offer and the incredible advantages of using this innovative VoIP technology. Whether you have a business in need of phone service or you plan to use it for yourself and your own personal calls, VoIP presents significant advantages.

  • Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS): Traditional phone service, particularly landline phone technology that relies on telephone wiring infrastructure and handsets or headsets.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP): Internet phone service, powered by Internet phone languages and transmitted as signals via Internet connections such as broadband service.

Are you ready to join those one billion VoIP users and make the switch? If you aren’t convinced quite yet, keep reading. We’ll present some main advantages and features of VoIP that may just motivate you to make the change.

Article Contents:

  1. A Billion People Can’t Be Wrong
  2. Using VoIP At Work
  3. What You Need for VoIP
  4. Other Considerations

VoIP service is revolutionizing business and the world as we know it. More people are using VoIP and learning about its many strong advantages.

1. A Billion People Can’t Be Wrong

It’s true, a billion people are using Internet phone service. Now, thanks to the power of Internet access, more people than ever before have access to phone communications. In many remote places, VoIP is the only service available, since the cost of adding new infrastructure such as telephone lines is very high and continues to present a barrier to access. In a very real way, then, VoIP has allowed more people than ever before to connect with their loved ones and become part of the global economy. Considering all the poverty and lack of access in the past, this is a remarkable achievement.

Of course, commerce has benefited tremendously from VoIP. People can bring high-quality, advanced business phone service to companies of every size and shape. Even the smallest organizations can benefit from VoIP service! Even if you have a one-person operation or small to medium-sized business (SMB), you can still take advantage of the great services and features of VoIP.

Just a few VoIP advantages:

  • Take your VoIP service anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Save money with a service that is cheaper than traditional phone service, including cellphones and landlines.
  • Bring in your smartphone or traditional landline phone with a special adapter and/or the right software.
  • Yes, you can often bring your own equipment, choose from a variety of applications, and customize your service.

 2. Using VoIP At Work

VoIP lends itself naturally to business uses. Create your own call center, for example. Build a contact center, even if you do not have a large organization. Accommodate larger call volumes if you need to, then switch back to your baseline level of coverage. It brings unprecedented flexibility to your work.

At work, VoIP lets you set up a call center or map out a business phone system with enough extensions for everyone at the office. You can have a wide variety of different features available, allowing your employees to connect with each other and with the public.

Common features businesses can use:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Call analytics
  • Software integration
  • Bring your own equipment (BYOE)
  • Remote access
  • Unlimited virtual extensions
  • Unlimited phone numbers
  • Custom integrations and applications
  • Integration with web chat
  • Click-to-call (C2C) functionality
  • Phone trees
  • Dial menus
  • Automated surveys
  • Call monitoring

With these and other features, your organization can put together a custom phone service package with help from a VoIP vendor and begin to benefit from a wide variety of different functions at work. Many of these features would be much more expensive if you obtained them from a traditional phone service provider. As such, it can be tremendously helpful to have access to these features within a VoIP system and pay much less per-minute and for your monthly and yearly phone rates.

3. What You Need for VoIP

You will need some basic equipment and services to access VoIP. Overall, this will all typically cost much less than what you would pay if you were to use another phone service system.

Typically, you will need:

  • Broadband Internet Service: You will need reliable, very fast Internet access. Keep in mind that the amount of bandwidth you will need depends largely on what you need to use your system for. How many users you have on the phones at once, how many calls you receive, call quality, applications used and other features can influence the amount of speed and data you will use with your Internet service. In some instances, you may need to factor this use of data and bandwidth into your decision of what Internet service to use.
  • Phones: You can often choose from bringing your own phone (called a bring your own equipment plan) or using a phone recommended by your provider. It is best to wait and not buy or rent phone systems until you ask your vendor for recommendations. This is because not every vendor supports every phone system, but it is also true that many vendors offer special deals or discounts on a specific type of phone and can help you get a real discount on a particular product or combination of systems.
  • A VoIP Plan: From a VoIP vendor, you will need to obtain a VoIP service plan offering the features you are looking for and providing the right coverage for your organization (or for yourself).

4. Other Considerations

VoIP vendors can vary tremendously in what they offer, because there are so many options and vendor available. You have your pick of a wide variety of different plans, prices and features. You will need to think carefully about what you actually need and do some comparison shopping. On our site, you can read reviews and view feature comparisons for different plans–we recommend that you take advantage of these resources before making your final decision or buying any equipment.

If you have questions, the information on our site is packed with suggestions and additional thoughts for implementing and using VoIP services. You can also contact vendors and ask your own questions. In fact, make a list of your questions and needs as you read through our website and think about what you are looking for in a VoIP vendor.

Why are one billion people using VoIP in 2018? Simple. People are using VoIP because it represents the next generation of phone service technology and has greatly expanded the possibilities for phone service. As you learn more about VoIP, consider following their example and learning how to apply this new and incredible technology to your own work and life.

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