Why Business VoIP Hosted PBX Systems Are Taking Off

If you’re sick of the high costs of traditional landlines and PBX equipment, it makes sense for you to look into alternatives. The same is true if you’re sick of fighting with existing equipment every time your workforce expands or shrinks. Fortunately, modern technology has provided an alternative that will make your bills lower and your life easier: Business VoIP hosted PBX systems.

One of the big reasons VoIP hosted PBX systems are easier on the budget is the fact that your company doesn’t have to buy any expensive equipment. As the name implies, the PBX aspect of the system is hosted by the provider. When you sign up, your company gets to access it through its private account. This type of system is often referred to as being “cloud-based.”

There is also no need to hire a technician to make changes to a hosted PBX system. Instead, changes are made just by logging into your account and typing the new information in on the proper screen. The process is simple and straightforward.

For new installations, another cost benefit is that you don’t have to have phone lines installed. Since cloud-based services work over the internet, you can use your cable internet lines for everything.

How to Make Business VoIP Sound as Good as a Landline

Many businesses wonder about the issue of sound quality. Fortunately, modern VoIP is quite capable of sounding as good as a hard-wired landline. All it takes is a broadband internet connection. This connection should be wired, so that means cable or fiber.

The next key is to have a good microphone to speak into. That can take the form of an IP phone – a phone made specifically to work with VoIP services – or, with some services, a headset, and microphone.

By combining a good connection with a good microphone, voice can be transmitted without breaks and without distortion. The people on the other end of the line will never know that your business is using VoIP.

Does Business VoIP Allow All of the Features of a Landline?

The answer is a resounding yes. While specific features vary by company, you can count on standards like hold, call forwarding, a computerized receptionist, hold music, and more. Extra features are also plentiful, with certain providers offering over 40 extras to choose from. You can take them all or cherry-pick the ones you want from a menu, so there’s no need to pay for what you’ll never use.

Is Ongoing Service Expensive?

No! In fact, for most companies, the monthly costs will be lower than they would be for an equivalent landline service. One of the big reasons for this is that VoIP providers charge by the minute instead of by the call. This is great for companies that make a large number of short calls. The other big reason is that VoIP providers don’t charge extra for domestic long distance. Traditional landline companies, on the other hand, will charge extra for each call to a destination outside of a tight radius.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are choosing to have their PBX systems – and the phone service that goes with them – hosted in the cloud. Getting set up is easy, it’s simple to make changes, and the ongoing costs are lower.

To learn more about hosted business PBX systems and providers, just contact us or visit our site. We’ll be glad to go into detail about all of the options, the major players in the industry, and how hosted VoIP will save your company money.

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