Why Use Landlines When You Could Use VOIP?

The internet is a beautiful thing. It has completely reshaped every aspect of our daily lives, and how we run our businesses. By and large, this is good news for business owners – if you use it appropriately. Through online innovation, nearly every facet of running a business can be easier, faster, better, and cheaper. We’re talking more convenient and more efficient for less money. That includes your phone service. Your phone line, second to your website, is the most important connection between you and your customers. So many businesses, though, are still on old technology. They’re still using landlines, probably because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” But why use landlines when you could use VOIP?

If you just want the bottom line, here it is. VOIP is far cheaper for a superior product. What’s the difference? Any landline telephone service is exactly that. It’s a phone connected by physical wiring to the grid, which then transmits your calls. VOIP, or voice over internet protocol, uses the internet instead of physical wiring. Landlines transfer calls through physical network circuits. VOIPs transfer calls via packets of data through the web (conceptually like mail vs. email).

What stands out most is price. Think of it like buying books. You can walk into a Barnes & Noble to buy them, or you can order them through Amazon for a fraction of the cost. When you have to physically install phone lines, call transfer systems, and other needed telephone service add-ons like voice mailboxes or caller ID, all of your charges start to skyrocket. Conversely, all of those needed telephone services can be easily installed, accessed and managed through a VOIP for a fraction of the cost.

Instead of starting in the $100+/mo. range (minimum, plus installation fees), you get to start in the $20/mo. range with no added fees (or contracts, for that matter). Because VOIP is through the internet and everything is easier online, you’re able to get more features while paying less.

If you’re a typical business operating in a city with decent internet services, there’s a very high chance VOIP will make more sense for you than using landlines. This holds true if you’re a mom-and-pop small business, and becomes increasingly more evident as your operation grows in size. Next to your website, your phone line is the most important connection between you and your customers. Make sure you have the best.

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