Why Your Sales Team Needs VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a great way to stay connected and build an effective business phone system. Using the Internet, VoIP transmits phone signals, text messages, chat and voice calls. You can even use the technology for video conferencing. This is a much more cost-effective, efficient and high-quality way to communicate.

For your sales team, making phone calls may be a very important part of your outreach strategy. Sales people typically spend a lot of time on the phone, so it makes sense to have a low-cost, reliable way to communicate. As the minutes add up, they will still be relatively inexpensive, making it easier on the budget to do a higher volume of marketing and sales. For inbound calls, this is also important, since you can end up spending a lot of money on phone service. In time, your organization can expand and add to your VoIP plan–VoIP is great for scaling into a larger business.

There are great features, such as virtual extensions, making it easier to have phone numbers for your entire team. Each salesperson can have their own phone number, making it much simpler to connect with customers. You can easily have a set number for the entire team and, using special VoIP features, have calls easily transfer between numbers.

In this article, we will introduce VoIP and talk about some of the sales-friendly features that make VoIP great for organizational sales teams and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking for sales tools and techniques such as VoIP system.

This blog will help you have a better understanding of how VoIP can help your organization accomplish more and win more sales. This can help your organization grow. You can even use it to boost your professional reputation.

Article Contents:

1. How VoIP Works for Small Business

2. Enhancing Your Reputation with VoIP

3. Getting Your Sales Team on Board

4. Next Steps for VoIP Account Set-Up

By the end of the article, you should have a basic understanding of how VoIP works and how to use it at your organization. You can use it to enhance your business reputation and get more accomplished, appearing to be a bigger company than you actually are. You can also sell more and make more phone calls. Your sales team could benefit tremendously from VoIP–in turn, so could your entire business. VoIP offers the features, functionality and service to help your business get ahead and reach new customers quickly and effectively.

1. How VoIP Works for Small Business

At a small organization, you may still want to have a phone system that assigns a number to each department. For instance, you may want sales to have a different number from marketing. You can get extensions for each of the people working in each department, too, making it easier to allow customers to follow up with specific salespeople on your team. It also facilitates B2B and professional service sales, since you have access to individual phone numbers.

VoIP is easy to set up and get started with as a small business. It is fairly easy to get an account, set up the features and control use and access to the system, even remotely if you need to. You can have multiple administrators, too, for a typical system. VoIP is often very straightforward to maintain, too, making it much simpler to keep updated and upgraded.

Because it is online, VoIP is easier to implement than many other traditional phone systems would be. You can get it up and running, often in a single day, and almost immediately begin using it to make and receive phone calls. From there, you can access other

2. Enhancing Your Reputation with VoIP

You can make your organization look more professional with VoIP. VoIP systems put more advanced phone services and features within reach for more organizations, making it more affordable and much easier to have a professional system. You can also look like you are a bigger organization than you actually are. This can help you have the appearance of a large corporation even if you are not, which can help with sales by making your company look relatively large. For some people, trusting a big organization is easier than it would be for them to trust a small business. In that regard, it makes sense to help your organization’s image.

If your customers prefer to call a large organization or want to leave messages with a specific team, then having multiple numbers to call and communicate with can be a big advantage. It can help to have a phone system that is up to the challenge of providing your sales team with the VoIP services you need to be successful as an organization.

3. Getting Your Sales Team on Board

You can get help from your team to choose the best vendor. Have your team get together and review the comparisons of vendors you reviewed. If you have a list of a few different vendors you have considered, then you can present your sales team with a list they can consider and pick from. Your team undoubtably has their own insights, too, making them a good resource to go to about the features they are looking for in a phone system, the help they need to get their work done, what they have missed in previous phone systems and other features your organization may need or may be looking for.

You really should not begin a new account without finding out exactly what your users need. Generally, you should have input from every department, so if you will also be involving customer service, marketing or other departments in with the same account, then it makes sense to check with each of them when researching different VoIP options. From there, you can make your decision based on the needs of your employees and the overall culture of your organization. Making the decision together, if possible, also helps to create buy-in and get your employees to support the choice you made–which can help to get your employees more involved in their work and in ensuring the success of the entire company. This can help you become more productive as an organization and can help your company accomplish more.

4. Next Steps for VoIP Account Set-Up

If you are ready to get started with your VoIP account, then you will need to choose a vendor and ask them about equipment. From there, find out what you will need to purchase, rent or begin using to get your sales team on board. You may want to get help from your vendor with set-up; not all vendors provide this as a service, however, for every type of equipment. You will need to get your own equipment with some plans, and your vendor may or may not actually guide you through this process, since there is a large number of different phones on the market.

From there, keeping your service going requires being aware of your use of the system–as usage changes, it may help to change your plan accordingly. You can access international minutes at a lower per-minute rate, save money and maybe adjust other functionality within your plan if you need to access different features.

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